Nerf force of nature/savage roar pls

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I think the title should have been :

"Nerf miracle 2x shadowstep, leeroy and coldblood 20+ hp in 1 turn"
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Just about every class can take off 20hp on turn 9. QQ more, L2P
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The only reason this combo is retarded is because druids always have it.

They have the best cards of ALL classes, this is not debatable. Reynads and Svgz stated that druids are the easiest classes to go up the ladder because they always have the answer to whatever threat you throw in the field.

Big minions? Silence (or BGH, EVERY druid that is good runs it)
Low minions? Best taunts in game.
Spells? Heals.
Combos? They can do it faster because they card draw is !@#$ing ridiculous.
Inervate and Wild Growth provide aditional advantage over tempo as well.
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It does seem a rather unbalanced. They have ways of making an easy 14 damage for 9 mana even without anything on the board. Just like (spit) miracle rouge. yet moreover it can be selective with it's targets as the player sees fit.

Shaman has bloodlust for 5 mana for one extra damage and no hero buff.

At the very least I feel it should only be applied to minions
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sure, and you can cut that damage by a third with a variety of 1 and 2 point minions. a single taunt minion on the board, a decent amount of armor or health, or even a good way to clean up afterward (heal, armor, etc.) can make this setup superfluous.
Most classes get an easy way to stop this from happening, without going on a design or play limb much different from what you'd do to stop any rush deck.
and a well-played hunter UTH with a wolf/knife thrower can do much the same thing, or much better. (clearing out minions at the same time.)
Yes, if you lose board control you can get your butt handed to you by a druid. Or a warrior, or a shaman, or a mage, or a rogue, or a paladin.

Board control is important. Stop whining because a druid got around your ragnaros because you'd rather stock your deck with all offense and ignore defense. It's your own fault you didn't include a shieldbearer.

It's not like pyroblast where many classes have no way of avoiding the damage.
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This isn't necessarily a Druid thing. But, quite honestly, all 20+ damage combos should be disallowed. It isn't good for the game. Then again, Blizz went on record back in Beta saying that they didn't intend the game to carry on past turn 10. So, 30 health in 10 turns or 20 health in 1 is how they want it to go.

If only there were some form of counter to this stuff like strong taunts...
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now with the upcomming leeroy nerf can we get this !@#$ nerfed to. since it clearly falls in to the same category and requires even less skill to play. druids have it all except hard removal, and with so many choice cards, options on how to counter is more then enough. comparing this brain dead tact with the rest isnt even fair cus most of em use more cards. and some minions u just dont ignore when dropped.

the fact that u think its fair cus rogue's can do insane burst is just a kiddy point of view. rogues have zero options cus of there lacking design. droods on the other hand have more freedom in what to play, how to play. i get druids are a hybrid class but giving them the enitre cake is just ridiculous.

true story me running a sunwalker at 20 hpish drood had one nubian egg and a yeti almost dead to my suprise he used naturalise not the best removal. followed by 2 innervates and the the gay 2 step combo guess what i lost. so removing a minion wich normally sticks around for atleast one turn and then giving me a lethal in the same turn is fair hmm.
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not to mention most of those tacts only work for burst face dammage. with force of nature u can go multiple directions, board controll with soul of the forest or poison seeds not saying that there good at the moment but atleast u get the entire cake again. with 2 innervates u get allot of possible combo's any player not admitting this is unbalanced clearly is a cow lover
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You do realize that was a 5 card combo right? Because Druids pull those out of their butts every game we play.
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Best class cards? Where is our best hard removal? By the way, BGH is not a class card and cannot even kill KT.
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Having moved in from warlock and mage to Druid, Druid is def. harder to win with but a lot more satisfying. Druid seems to trade hard removal with forcing the other side to use theirs.

Like most people have said, lots of classes have ways to deal a lot of damage in one turn.

Every class also has a downside to their combos. For example, mage combos take more cards, druid combos have to have a clear enemy board, rogue combo used to have both (now it doesn't even have a real 1 turn combo).

It's tough to say that a combo is op when all you have to have down is a sticky taunt. Or 2 Taz'Dingos.

If you still think it's really op then let's move into different territory : board clear. Don't tell me Druids have OP removal too.
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Mark, equality, hex, poly, sap, execute, power word, syphon

I would trade blizzard both savage roar and force of nature for any of the above please.
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The problem with Force of Nature-Savage Roar is that it's a 14 damage Charge for what amounts to 2 cards and a hero power (very cheap finisher). King Crush does 8 damage and has the same cost as the combo whereas the combo does 12 damage. King Crush + Hero Power = 10 damage for 10 where I think Blizzard should cap combo's (Pyroblast should only do 8 damage IMHO since it's a spell and thus ignores everything)

If you are lucky enough to have all 5 cards in your hand (double innervate, force-of-nature, savage roar, savage roar) it pretty much becomes a OTK.

Leave 1 card on deck and you're well over 20 damage. With so many 'sticky' cards in the expansions and Druid hands already (Kel-Thuzad, Sludge Belcher, mechs, ) it's hard to remove so many cards against druid without taking immense amounts of face damage (using weapons or counter-play).

All that it needs is Force of Nature +1 or +2.
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It's the same reason why Kel'Thuzad is OP. Once the game get's that late in the mana curve, it's time to have cards that can finish the game.

03/09/2015 12:02 PMPosted by GuruEvi
The problem with Force of Nature-Savage Roar is that it's a 14 damage Charge for what amounts to 2 cards and a hero power (very cheap finisher). King Crush does 8 damage and has the same cost as the combo whereas the combo does 12 damage. King Crush + Hero Power = 10 damage for 10 where I think Blizzard should cap combo's (Pyroblast should only do 8 damage IMHO since it's a spell and thus ignores everything)

King Crush is a minion that stays on the field, so you can play it when your opponent is at 20 hp and still kill him over the next 2 turns if he doesn't deal with it. FON disappears off the field when you're done, so 20 hp, brings him down to 6 hp, but you still need something else to finish them... and druid doesn't have a 2 dmg to face hero power like hunter does.

Pyroblast has already been nerfed enough. It's fine. I rarely see it in pre-made. Sometimes a control mage will run 1 of it.

The most OP thing right now is stupid Oily rogues taking off 30 hp in 1 turn with nothing on the field.
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Even priest can burst
Auchenai soulpriest +2 zombie chows+cirlcle+ 2x mind blast
= 20 dmg(10 mana)
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03/09/2015 01:38 PMPosted by Perforator
Even priest can burst
Auchenai soulpriest +2 zombie chows+cirlcle+ 2x mind blast
= 20 dmg(10 mana)

Ah yes, the ol' 6-card combo.
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Each time I finish someone off with the combo, while my opponent had lethal set up for next turn, I imagine one of this threads popping up. Brings a smile to my face.
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FoN+SR is 9 mana 2 card combo thts DoA by a 1 mana shieldbearer, 2 mana AnnoyoTron.
In fact it loses 25% of effectiveness (assuming a clear druid board) by any taunt with 1 hp left.
Druid have no playable hard removal (not gonna count neutralize). Note how this further makes a single HP taunt formidable.

in lower ranked meta (where i am), the rush decks make the "play your double innvervate big taunt" total garbage by a single silence. A single 8/8 can still only kill 1 of the 5 1HP minion on other side of the board. This combo is the only thing tht makes a win possible against these decks if you can manage to survive that long and draw the cards.
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05/19/2014 04:13 PMPosted by Syn
Most classes do not have 20+ dmg capabilities...Only mages, hunters, druids, and locks. And Druids are the only ones who have no downside, only require 2 cards that don't even need 10 mana to pull off. Their combo is beyond broken and needs a serious tuning down. If you say otherwise, then you must main a Druid.

They actually do have downsides. They need to get through taunts to do combo, and their removal is rather awful compared to other classes. Other classes have reliable ways of killing high health minions:

  • Warrior can cruel task master> execute, which costs 3 mana and leaves a dude on the board, as well as brawl, one of the only aoe hard removals.
  • Shaman and Mage have hex/polymorph.
  • Priest has those shadow words, cabal priest, and shrinkmeister in case they run into 4 attack creeps.
  • Hunters have hunters mark to make killing big guys easier for their small guys/hounds, and freezing trap to prevent opponents from using them
  • Paladins have equality > consecration, or pyromancer > equality
  • Warlocks I admit have rather strange removal choices, but hardly anything can survive a shadowflamed giant, and it is reliable with other minions too, such as watchers or twilight drakes.
  • And Rogues have sap, which can waste an opponents turn for only 2 mana. Sure there's assassinate, but that's overpriced
  • All druids have for decent hard removal are neutrals.
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