vs mage mirror opener

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don't exactly have a good early aoe .. I keep getting whooped by this opener cause of my crappy dagger hero power..
not exactly worth eviserating them either.. any tips?
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I usually just end up deadly poison till harvest golem comes out, use backstab and eviscerate on the minions hiding behind the mirror images. I also run 2x argent squire so cold blood (even just +2 attack) helps.
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Is there a Hero Power that everyone agrees is decent?

Sheesh, at least the Rogue Hero Power would be able to hit the Mirror Images.

Warlocks, Hunters, Warriors, and Priests' Hero Power do no minion damage. Mages and Druids can only do the same 1 damage, since the Mirror Images are 0/2, taking damage from attacking into them doesn't factor in. Paladins would have to wait a turn for their Reinforcement to attack, and Shaman have a 1 in 4 chance of getting a minion that can actually fight back. All of this is without buffs, but then again, Rogues do have a buff to their weapons in the form of Deadly Poison.

Okay, you may say the Mage Hero Power can just bypass the Mirror Images and hit your opponent directly, but if you're playing with a deck that can't get past two 0/2 Taunt minions, something is dreadfully wrong with your deck.

Also...I find it very sad that you're getting whooped by 0/2 Taunt minions...I mean really?!?
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maybe the mage he played/ plays uses Master Swordsmith turn 2. buffing the MI each turn. lol
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mirror is annoying especially if they played wyrm, coin, mirror but I just wait it out hope to get harvest and SI 7 and ping away with dagger until then. they do no damage so they arent really a threat dont spam your board with minions
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Turn 2 2/1 weapon
Turn 3 Deadly Poison+Blade Flurry

destroys mirrors and pmuch anything mage can get behind mirrors by then.
Only problem is drawing deadly+blade flurry till turn 3
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