Why is Defias Ringleader Considered Bad?

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I always thought it was decent as long as you could combo it with something early on......apparently most rogues don't run this card, why?
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how are you going to combo it though? you don't always get backstab; if you have a 1 cost minion you might just use it on first turn; if you use poison to combo it you have to dagger on turn 2

the coin of course is nice, but you don't always go last. I play miracle deck and I usually want to save the coin for later

if you combo it later in the game, it won't be that effective
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Its a good card, just not in all rogue decks. If you decide to run it make sure you have 1 drops (argent squire or leper gnome).
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There are so many more turn 2 coin combos than turn 1 combos that I would want to save my coin for.

Coin + SI agent
Coin + deadly poison
Coin + backstab + 6/6 vancleef

If you run miracle rogue:
turn 5 Coin + gadgetzan auctioneer + conceal

so many classes have ways to deal with the extra 2/1 spawn that it's not worthwhile.
And as others mentioned, if you don't use coin, it's hard to combo it.
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defias aint bad but its not stable

against mage: you coin defias on t2 next turn if he fireball you wasted your coin to make mage waste 2 mana and you get a 2/2... pretty meh, the same goes ofc for rogue and druid.

shaman can easily kill 2 minions on t2 then u wasted 2 cards and he 1 so hes usually in advantage after that. its good together with knife juggler though I use that combo in one of mu rogue decks ^^
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Defias is quite bad. Just look at him and then at other 2 drops. Every time you are turn 2 defias in hand without a coin, imagine what you could do with faerie dragon
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Defias is a great card for what it does, but it does require a very specific deck archetype: extreme aggression, to fully utilize it. In Miracle Rogue, mid-range Rogues, etc, Defias is simply underwhelming as these decks don't run that many cheap cards and other more important cards to combo such as SI: Agents, however in an aggro Rogue deck you're already running plenty of 1 drops like Lepper Gnomes, Southsea Deckhands, Voodoo Doctors, etc, along with cheap spells like Backstab, Sinister Strike, Deadly Poison, etc. Thus you can afford to run more combo cards and be able to proc them consistently enough, which is where Defias Ringleader truly shines.
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they should make defias main body 3 2 nerfing it to a 2 2 was harsh but 2 3 was overpowered so i think a 3 2 body is fair
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02/27/2014 03:08 AMPosted by Husky
Defias is quite bad. Just look at him and then at other 2 drops. Every time you are turn 2 defias in hand without a coin, imagine what you could do with faerie dragon


Faerie dragon is more reliable. A great card to coin into, a great turn 2 card, especially when buffed. Annoys those that have a spell removal based hand, and forces them to play a minion if they don't have a minion to trade or a weapon.

Makes the mage matchup much more bearable too. Coin -> faerie dragon -> mage can't do much other than a blind arcane missile, summon a turn 2 minion or just fireblast to your face. With some removals in your hand to back up faerie dragon you can get some free pressure.
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