Are Rogues still viable?

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In most other games, I tend to play as a Rogue/Theif/Assassin class, ideks that's just my style. Even in a card game like HS, I really want to play and win with a Rogue.

So I've heard a lot about the Rogue nerf and how they're practically unplayable, Edwin now being very vulnerable and what not, but if one was to invest a lot of time (and Arcane Dust) into a Rogue deck, is it possible for them to be extremely competitive?

Before anyone mentions "it's the play style that matters", I understand, and I know that its a big factor, but will an experienced Rogue player defeat an equally experienced (say) Hunter player?

Just some questions I'd like some answers to :) I practically just started the game (this pretty much means 0 legendaries) but I have opened quite a few packs and am willing to disenchant if need be.

Thanks guys!
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First of all, rogue's are viable. There are allot of rogue players with legendary rank, i myself had a winstreak from 25 tot rank 13 and than i switched to miracle and i am at rank 7 atm and still going strong. Rogue's are not as good as they used to be but they are still very good and in my opinion the most fun class to play because of the combo mechanics. About vancleef, he is a amazing legendary, he has won many games for me. But you will have a tough time at start, because you need allot of expert cards for a viable deck. Miracle deck is abit expensive so i wouldn't look into that right now since you are new and don't have allot of cards/dust. Focus on getting eviscerate, SI:7 and cold blood asap they are kind a must and easy to get.
Aggro hunters are a pain in the !@# for most decks, rogue's included but they are not unbeatable.
Good luck and have fun with playing rogue! Don't mind all the "omg rogue so weak blabla' posts, there will always be crybabies
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I actually had better win streaks with my mostly basic rogue deck back before I tried to pimp it out with rares and epics so have fun! don't forget your combos and just think "fast" . Rogues can crank out impressive damage with a few of the right cards. I just took my rogue deck back to basics (with a few rares like SI:7 agent and a single headcrack) and its working better, I guess I didn't really have all the right cards for miracle rogue. Good luck!!
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I can get to rank 3 with a rogue deck, which means anyone can at least get to rank 3 :P
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Wellp that made my hopes go back up *-*

Thanks for the information :D
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its viable but just alot harder than other classes.
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Miracle is the most broken deck right now, so yeah rogue is "viable".
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Miracle is relatively unreliable but there are quite a few aggressive mid-range pressure options. I have been unable to build a late game control rogue though.
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rogues are definitely fine. it's just that rogues have a bad match up against the decks people are playing right now
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In what manner is miracle broken? Because you got your hat handed to you doesn't mean its op, try for yourself and find out
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Rogues definitely are still viable. Miracle Rogue is quite strong, very high burst damage and lots of drawing potential, albeit a little unreliable (but that's how Assassins work right). However, you do need some key Epic and Legendary cards for this to work properly, i.e. Leeroy Jenkins and Preparation.

I feel like Rogue might not be the best class to start with, but it's definitely fun to play once you accumulate some cards.
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I must be the odd man out b/c I love playing a rogue, but they are by far the least powerful class. No counters or large group damage cards. The weapon should at least add 1 defense as well.

Every time a set up a combo for the next round all of my minions are usually taken out with one or two cards. The only class I frequently win against is another Rogue. This is of course with me not knowing what a miracle deck is, and not buying packs with actual money. Maybe my luck is just bad b/c I have only received one Rogue card out of about 20 packs.
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I find rogue the most fun and I do quite well the class. I alternate between a miracle rogue and a "Pressure" variatey and both work fairly well. Miracle is more entertaining but harder to pull off and balances on a razor's edge from turn zero. Therefore it's so satisfying to make it work when you are down to 6 health and he has 20+.

The thing with rogue is that it's very easy to get greedy. You really do want to get the most of your combos and thus it can be very hard to actually play a 2 damage Evicerate or a SI: 7 without damage but sometimes you have to. The trick is to know when. I think the rogue is very well balanced around it's theme - especially the miracle rogue

The key word for miracle rogue is "opportunity". Just like a real life assassin, you wait and bide your time. Then you finally find that split second where your opponent is vulnarable and you strike hard and fast. However, if you miss that opportunity you are lost.
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