Hi guys

Can someone help-me? I was building a deck that I saw here, I used to have a saved link/image of it but I lost it when o changed my HD. =/

I tried to find the topic where I saw it first time (here in forum) but can't remember the topic's name and my searches are useless.

It was almost done, missing just some expensive ones (4 or 5 cards). Here is a image of my deck to help: http://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/deck2-jpg--2

I remember that one of missing cards is Silvannas, and the "original" deck don't use assassinate, I just put it because I don't had the right cards.

So..Anyone have anyone saw this deck's topic, know about it or just have a sugestion? If I can't find the deck's topic anymore everything helps.

Thanks! =)