Critique my deck please.

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Hey guys. I'm new to Hearthstone. I've read a few guides but it seems that due to meta changes a lot of information out there is outdated. I'd appreciate it if you could look over the deck I'm running and give me some ideas how to improve it (using commons and rares, I don't have the dust to craft epic+).

It's pretty straightforward aggro using assassin's blade and blade flurry as a finisher/board wipe. I appreciate any help you can provide.

Backstab x2

Deadly Poison x2
Leper Gnome x2

Blade Flurry x2
Eviscerate x2
Defias Ringleader x2
Faerie Dragon x2
Loot Hoarder x2
Novice Engineer x2

Harvest Golem x2
Shattered Sun Cleric x2
SI:7 Agent x2

Dark Iron Dwarf x2

Assassin's Blade x2

Argent Commander x2
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its not very good and you dont have any 4 cost cards. I see you dont own much so try yeti and taz dingo u get them for free and are super good 4 costs.
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Obviously it's not very good. I started playing this game last week.

Maybe I wasn't clear. Any common or rare. Suggest something I should swap out for it.

I don't have any 4 drops because the mana curve for the deck is supposed to top out at 3. I'm not going to dump a 3 attack fatty with taunt into an aggro deck for no reason.
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Edited OP to reflect updated card list.
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U should probably add a knife juggler or two. They are great in aggro decks
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Take out the novice engineers (since they're !@#$ in an aggro deck like this) and put in 2 knife jugglers.

Your deck is also going to just get plain wrecked by any AOE. Young priestess x 2 should be added to this deck as well, I'd probably just remove both assassins blade, 1 argent commander, and add those priestess and add a perditions blade, it fits an aggro deck like this much better.
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swap novice for argus if you can afford it, if not swap it to gnomish inventor.
swap assassin blade for azure drake/spiteful smith
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This is hardly an aggro deck with the Novice Engineers and Loothoarders, lack of Charge, etc. It's really a tempo/ board control deck with minions that trade well and allow you to control the board so you can keep hitting them in the face.

To keep with this theme, I would remove the Novice Engineers, remove one Blade Flurry, and replace with two Yetis and a Defender of Argus. Playing Aggro Rogue is always going to get outpaced by Hunters, Murlocks, Warrior Aggro, etc.
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