Almost lived the dream...

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Turn 2 Rogue. Coin, Backstab Snake Totem, Preparation, Shiv Leper Gnome, drop 10/10 Van Cleef.
Turn 3 Shaman. Hex Van Cleef.

Sadface. :(

So close!
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!@#$ happens :p I also do that allot, in most cases it does give nice results. I wouldn't have used prep+shiv tho, a 6/6 on turn 2 is dangerous enough.
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Don't burn cards to buff VC - buff VC with cards that were used in a good way that turn.
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^ yup, what they said. Almost never worth it. Personally dumped VC for Questing Adventurer
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I agree with the others; VC is not the end goal, but a sweet drive-thru on the way.

You also have to think about who you're playing against; a Shaman heading into turn 3 is probably a terrible victim for any VC shenanigans. Hex is a real possibility, but so is Earth Shock (which they may try to buff up with gambled Wrath of Air totem to actually kill VC instead of just making him a 2/1.

Finally, they could get lucky and flip into the Taunt Totem while they're praying/digging for an answer. Massive VCs against shaman are probably not going to be as effective as it might be against a warrior, who pretty much needs a shield block + shield slam or execute.
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The proper play in that scenario is to just shiv the leper gnome. In fact, I would've coin + hero power or shiv'd the leper gnome the previous turn. You can't rely on buffing up a huge Van Cleef for damage unless you conceal after you play him and have removal/ sap in your hand to deal with taunts (less relevant against aggro matchups. A 6-6 Van Cleef is usually pretty scary already.
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Playing edwin you'll expect Keeper, owl, hex, polymorph, power of word death, your attack going to 1, earth shock, execute etc etc.

And that one card will take away all the resources you used to buff edwin, leaving you helpless.

There are just too many ways of getting rid of your card. I dont think it is ever viable to gamble that big early edwin.

A turn 2 10/10 is tempting, but that card will be everything you have for some turns. It may win you the game, but most likely will not.
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