What's not great about Arcanite Reaper?

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When I read through many "expert" warrior decks, very often I don't see Arcanite Reaper.

Why not?

I find that it can continue the great board control I already have from turns 3-4 into turns 5-6. Throw in an "Upgrade" and there's 17 damage over 3 turns.

Yes, you might take some damange, but it also means I can save a minion or keep my whirlwind + execute combo in hand.

So what's not to love about the good ol' AR?
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AR is absolutely excellent, if you had a good 4-drop the turn before and managed to make it stick.

What I don't like about it is, that its mana cost is right around the time where there are just beefy minions I'd rather drop.
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It's an issue of tempo. Turn five is around the time that minion toughness and damage output makes a significant leap forward. In that case AR is in a bad place because on turn five if you're hoping to use the AR for board control you're going to usually take more damage and you'll also be short a dominant minion. If it were on turn four it would be great as it is you're better off stepping up your board presence and waiting a couple turns to play Gorehowl.
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My experience (at nub ranks) is that turn 5 I put down the AR and use it together with the 2-3 cost minion already on the board to clear whatever my opponent puts down next.

Then from turn 6 I put down my big minions, plus I have 1-2 dura left on the weapon.

Ok, well, perhaps I've been doing it all wrong, and I don't have gorehowl, but I'll give it a try the way you suggest.
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I use AR but i must say overall, the timing of the draw is pretty bad, you're pressured to use AR on minions on 3hp or less for board control which is an overkill for a 5-mana.
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AR isn't as good for 3 reasons:
1. It costs 5 mana, which is quite expensive and often times causes you to lose tempo.
2. It is usually overkill as you usually don't need the full 5 damage to remove a minion, so Fiery War Axe+Upgrade is usually better and cheaper.
3. Removing 4+ attack minions starts to take a heavy toll on your life total, especially if you've already used Fiery War Axe to remove earlier minions.

It can still be used as a 1 of, or none at all, certainly no longer 2 of material. Either way it's no longer a crucial card and for just 2 more mana you get Gorehowl which can be used to remove a multitude of minions, which is often the replacement for AR in most decks.
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Arcanite reaper is extremely good for aggro warrior deck, combined with heroic strike, the damage is deadly. If you have leeroy or mortal strikes in your hand, don't use it on their low life minions, just wack him in the face and the game can be finished in the next 2-3 rounds.

If you going for a control warrior deck, its better to put some beefy minions on 5 mana then prepare for gorehowl.
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AR should cost 4 mana.
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its a very good card, simply doesnt fit all type of decks.
just like leper gnome is not used in late game builds even if it's amazing aggro card.
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It's not auto include like fiery war axe, but it is completely playable.

If you don't like overkilling your opponent's critters just go for the face. AR represents 10 damage for 5 mana, and that's from a basic set card. It makes Mage's "epic" Pyroblast look like stinky poo
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Because its not Gorehowl.
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I'm not disagreeing with anything I see in the thread here. It's not inherently bad or anything, but there is an upper limit to the number of weapons it is practical to have in your deck because you can only have one out on the board at any time. In that sense, AR can be the odd one out, not because it is bad, but because the others are just so good. If you have a Fiery Axe on turn 2, and the AR for turn 5, that leaves you two turns to play creature that may or may not be cleared directly for cheap by the opposition, and they follow up with something else cheap that's hardly worth the Fiery let alone the AR.

If we talk Upgrade, I'd rather put it on a Gorehowl and apply that to the enemy face (two turns to do potentially 16 damage is better than 3 turns to do 18) or on the Fiery War Axe to keep control for one more turn and still have plenty of mana for armor up and/or a creature of my own. And it is good to scrape a few points of armor together coming onto turn 7 and that potential Gorehowl drop against some potentially big creatures. I would certainly not take AR over Heroic Strike since I can stack that onto an existing weapon.
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it really works well in aggro warrior, usually helps cement lethal, or it and heroic strike are amazing burst damage
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