Rogues are gone from the ladder

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A shame. The majority of classes I see are Druids, Warlocks and mages. Have not played one rogue in over 25 games.

I'm really struggling now with my Rogue. Was able to take my rogue to level 12 before. Now I cant't get passed rank 20 :( Might have to wait a few days for all the really good players to finish their climb again since the reset before I try ranked again. My rogue can't compete against these supper fast murloc and power house decks.
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What deck are you playing?
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My rogue deck finished rank 3 last season running a usual minion heavy deck but most of the Rogues I see at the lower ranks are miracle rogue
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What deck were you using Zhao?
My deck is

BS x2
CB x2
SS x1
DP x2
Argent Squire x2
Evic x2
Shiv x2
Blood Mage T
Nat Pagle
Blade Flurry x2
Van Cleef
Harvest Golem x2
SI7 x2
DOA x2
Assassins Blade x1
Azure Drake x2
Argent Commander x1
Black knight

The goal of this deck is utilize minions, weapons, and blade flurry to maintain board control and then do a combo finisher with charge minions + CB + SS. Not a bad deck and had worked to get me to rank 12 last season. I'm having trouble now with it,
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I'm running Miracle. 25-16 in 1 sitting wasn't that challenging. I *hardly* see fellow rogues though. Last season I only made it to Rank 9.
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Currently building a Miracle deck. Current using Quest Master as a substitute for Edwin Van Cleef. Also missing some cards like Blade Furry and Preparation. But so far it has worked decently for me.
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I made it to rank 5 with my deck last season. It could have gone higher if i was more consistent on playing on the ladder. Luckily for me though I make up my own decks so I'm pretty proud it got to rank 5.
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I'm using the rank rest to learn miracle rogue. I'm rank 12 just playing miracle, and I figure I'll make 5 tonight or tomorrow night. I was rank 2 last season with mid range shaman.
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I think the miracle rogue is fun to play but I honestly do not know how players do so well with it. I only win about 35% of my games with that deck. I can't ladder with it. I use the staple version with vancleef, leeroy and 1 conceal with 2 auctioneers. Most of the time I'm dead before I even get an actioneer out. Then when I do get an auctioneer I usually do not have enough 0 cost cards and spells to draw enough with it and end up having to either coneal him or pass the turn and then dieing.
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IMO rogues need a buff
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im climbing the ladder with rogue now. went 12-5 so far, but only rank 15 now.
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