Next Patch Confirmed buffing UTH next patch?

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I heard from a variety of sources they are keeping the mana and all that the same but are making it so that during that 1 turn they are immune to any damage lower there health below 1hp?

Does that mean we will be forced aoe right after on our turn or?

I think this is what blizzard is trying to do by making this ability more versatile and proper AOE..
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wow that would be insane. wouldnt loose a single game lol
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A link to your sources if you don't mind.
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So that means they would be making it even more powerful than it is now. I doubt they leave the mana cost and make those changes. I will be surprised if they do anything to hunters in the next patch. I expect it to be mostly quality of life changes.
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Well I heard they'll make Flamestrike cost 1 and delete all the murloc cards. My uncle's friend's brother works with a guy who's dad knows the brother of one of the employees, so it's legit.
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03/06/2014 11:17 AMPosted by Nairat
wow that would be insane. wouldnt loose a single game lol

That would be insane...UtH is good as it is. The only thing is Buzzard might be better off at 3M, as a 2/3 (for upping combo costs, and making Buzz a little more useful outside of UtH).

03/06/2014 11:18 AMPosted by Gravitits
A link to your sources if you don't mind.

Mary Jane is incapable of being digitally transferred.
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I heard from a variety of sources...

Ragnaros is getting stealth.
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I heard from a variety of sources also that pyroblast will do 30 dmg for 0 mana!
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