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First of all i'm sorry for my bad english skills but i will try my best.

Here can you find my current Miracle Rogue Deck:


I got the idea to Craft Alexstrasza and mabey replace one Sinester Strike.

So Why want i do that?

The reason is it's hard to get Board Control and Hit is Face, so i can start Leeroy Shadowstep as Finisher. Yes i know that i can deal with Leeroy 2x Shadowstep and 2x Cold Blood 26 Damage in one turn for 10mana and with Preperation and Eviscerate the last 4 Life for the Kill if he is still at full health.

But i think it would be a good Deal when i take Alexstrasza and not need to wait or burn my spells to draw my whole deck for the finisher.

And now to my Question what do you think about that?
Why and when would that be good or worth?
Or am i just retarded because this would just be bad?

Best regards
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put thalnos and blade flurry in instead of those sinister strikes alex sucks for this deck wont work at all thalnos will work wonders .
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yes i know thalnos is good for this deck but i don't have him right now :(.
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why not craft him instead of alex ?:P he fits in a lot of decks so worth doing tbh
i run the deck without thalnos and van cleef i just use an extra conceal and questing adventurer
i would 100% get a blade flurry in your deck though as it helps a LOT for clearing the way for your big hitters .
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2 conceals with this few creatures is too much, in my opinion. You need too many things together to get a good value off a conceal, you could fit another card instead. I'd say blade flurry is a very strong card that you don't have right now.

Alextraza is too heavy, in my opinion. It would take you a whole turn to play it, when that late in the game you want to be comboing or finishing the game(if you got good value earlier). But that is my opinion. I don't think you'll need that hability when you have leeroy, cold bloods and shadowsteps in your deck.

If you are p2winning, I'd craft a thalnos instead of alex. If this is a hard earned dust, I'd craft something else and put a second acolyte, kobold or loot hoarder instead.
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