battle rage really need to be reworked

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Although I am far from to be a professional player , I have tried all the class.

Recently, I really enjoy warrior's deck because few epic comes out such as battle rage.

But really, it sucks in a way that you cannot depend on it to save your life or even turn the battle a little bit.

My opinion is that it is comparatively bad with paladin's or mages draw card spell simply draw card on its own.

If you have upper-hand ,you will have minions alive. Usually one, and you draw two card.

In lower-hand, you have no minion when you face aggro-deck or heavy control deck. Especially, you will hurt your minions in many way. Minions is always death or life. when you draw it out in early turn, it also hurts.

This card really need to be depends on something else or do something else.

for many times, I got out-lasted by warlock duo to lack of card in hand.

I cannot tell if I should disenchant it for good since it is a epic golden card :(

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I too am finding this card hard to justify in any deck. Commanding shout is another card thats hard to place and is situational. Situations where i could use either card ends up being too costly for that combo. At the momment it seems loot hoarder has more vaule in play then both of theses cards.
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Battle rage usually draws two cards with one damaged minion for the cost of two mana stones (better than arcane intellect), and sometimes a lot more. As long as you can accept its lower limit, go ahead and keep one in your deck and enjoy the surprises it brings from time to time.
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Could always play a couple cheap dudes then Whirlwind and then Battle Rage. Even better if one of those dudes was an Acolyte of Pain.
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I would prefer it if it was draw 1 for each damaged enemy. If I have a few minions out I'm probably already winning, so the draw isn't really needed at that point. On the other hand if my enemy has minions out and I can draw 3 or 4 cards off of them, it may give me a chance to turn the tide.
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Or maybe having it draw X cards based on how much health you have left.
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If you have one damaged minion and you've taken damage (which you can generally wrangle in ~70% of cases), then it becomes a cheaper Arcane Intellect. In the 15% or so of cases where you only have a damaged minion or only you have taken damage, it's a marginally worse Novice Engineer.

It's generally not bad, as long as you don't wait too long to play it.
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03/17/2014 04:12 PMPosted by Vorochi
Could always play a couple cheap dudes then Whirlwind and then Battle Rage. Even better if one of those dudes was an Acolyte of Pain.

One time I had an armor smith out.

I played another Armor Smith and an Acolyte, whirlwinded, got my 3 armor and 1 card, then drew 3 cards from this.

Then again, I play as a warrior who depends on enrage and damaged minions anyway.
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Battle Rage works best with Pyro based decks.
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