Serects for hunter are really bad

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The secrets for hunter are to easy to play around. There is one ones that you attack and snipe. basically all you they have to do is attack if the trap does not go off then they know it's snipe and they just throw down something they need less.
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I save Leper Gnomes for Snipe. :)
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Yes, each secret is easy to play around, however the way to play around Explosive Shot is very different from the way to play around Misdirection or Freezing Trap. The key to Hunter secrets is that quite a few of them are viable, at least for mid-range and control Hunters, so your opponent doesn't actually know which secret you've just put down, which leads him to either play right into them or play around the majority of your secrets simultaneously which forces him into making non optimal plays. Either way it's a win for you, even if the trap itself didn't catch the best of his cards.
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I would disagree, actually. Varies, depending on the deck. Seeing as my Warlock control build runs nothing with lower than 3 HP, snipe generally generates a lot of value for the Hunter, for 2 mana I might add.

And misdirection is the most positively annoying piece of crap ever. I'd run 2 in every Hunter deck I play specifically for that reason, there's nothing more pants!@#$tingly enraging then getting hit in the face by your own mountain giant. It'd completely suck against a Paladin, so I guess it all comes down to matchups. Can be either downright impossible to play around, or too damn easy.
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Completely disagree.

A good control hunter doesn't just throw down traps to have traps.

A good control hunter plays traps to eliminate the RNG aspect as much as possible.

There are always exceptions, mostly having to do with a charge minion eating a Freezing Trap intended for something else.

I went undefeated yesterday. My deck has 2x Freezing, Explosive, Misdirection traps in it. Every trap I placed was when I needed it to go off and would do what I wanted it to. Once, my opponent attacked through a misdirection trap with his hero and it didn't trigger because there were no other misdirection targets for it. He now assumes it's a freezing trap or snipe trap or snake trap. He drops a few 2 health minions and a 4/4 elf who does 3 to the face. next turn I drop exploding trap and arcane shot his 4/4. Next turn he attacks to the face with his hero, misdirects to his 4/2, explodes the exploding trap killing everything. I take nothing :) I think I did 16-20 damage with Steady Shot that match btw for all you Steady Shot haters. The rest of my damage came from 3-4 Eaglehorn Bow hits and one Argent Commander to finish.
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