Quick question about Grommash

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I am a starting Warrior ( 18 rank ) and dont have many rares epics that most people use ( armor smith gorehowl ) but today i opened a pack after an Arena reward and got Grommash Hellscream.

Is he worth keeping or should i disenchant him and save for Ragnaros/pagle that most hightier players use? Is that card viable at all ?
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Grommash has a lot of vaule when played. Example enraging and using faceless to copy would be 20 dmg. I would keep him.
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If you like playing warrior, then Grommash is definitely worth keeping. He's really good!
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He can fulfil the same role as Rag in a warrior deck- he's a high cost card that does something the turn he's played and will win the game if not dealt with. Rag has the advantage of going in any class's deck.
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He's a keeper, imo. Never worth it to disenchant a Legendary, at least not for 400.
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if you ever want to play warrior, you will want Grom
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he is a good card, but you have to be playing a deck that has a way of activating him the turn he is played, if not he is basically a removal magnet. (still some value in that, but meh)
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Grommash is essential to Warrior control decks, get yourself an Alexstrasza and you're good to go as the other cards are rares or commons that you can easily get. Any other epic/legendary is unnecessary for a Warrior control deck though some can obviously be helpful.
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Thanks a lot guys,

means a lot
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Grommash is a good finisher in control decks. It's actually easier than you may think to enrage him and go for the face.

At worst, he will still trade 2-1 in most scenarios. Your charge will take a minion out, then if lucky, your opponent will have an answer for Grommash. But he still lost two cards to your one.
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you pretty much play him on a finisher. anything sooner and he'll get mind controled or faceless manipulated
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