Can't swipe or Command+Tab in fullscreen


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Yup, same problem here. I had switch spaces bound to right ctrl + Arrow keys.

It's really unfortunate this doesn't work anymroe.
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Wanted to my add my two cents to this. The old functionality was far preferable to this. This is just frustrating. I'm just running it in Window-ed mode now. Too annoying otherwise.
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+1 Please bring back swipe. Mac client was perfect before.
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Posting for solidarity as well. Hope this gets fixed soon!
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Please add the old feature back. It was great that I could go from researching to playing my move. Also it makes it hard for me to use Skype and other things
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Add another Mac user who really misses being able to ctrl left out of fullscreen.
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I will stop playing this game if i have to close it every time i want to search something. pls fix :(
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I am having the same issue that others describe. Please bring back the ability to 3-finger swipe out of Hearthstone.
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I have the same problem. I have to either quit the game or press the dock on the keyboard to tab out.
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This is an incredibly annoying issue that too can confirm.

Hardware: Mid 2012 rMBP 15"
OS: 10.9.2

Cannot use multi-finger swipe or "Cmd" + "Tab" to cycle apps or "Spaces"
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Same issue on my Mac - at least I know I'm not the only one. Gestures are one of the best features of the OS so please allow them to work correctly!
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Makes me sad to not be able to swipe!
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Same here, please update or fix it ASAP!!! Quitting the game every time just to open a new application is not comfortable!!!
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I was really happy when I first started playing Hearthstone and found that it supported Mac-style fullscreen as a "space" with Cmd-Tab and swiping to other screens. Having that go away is a huge bummer.
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In for the me too.

I can't use gestures to move between spaces in full screen, nor can I use command-tab to move between screens. This surely must be a bug; please restore the functionality.

Mac OS X 10.9.2
Using an external HDMI monitor connected to a MacBookAir5,2 with the lid closed.
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same here, and the game takes longer to launch compared to the previous patch.
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Yeah, this is a huge bummer.
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Totally agree that this needs a fixing.

I run my podcasts while playing so I use swipe/tab out of the client to mess with other stuff. Not being able to do this messes with me fully enjoying the game.
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This is critical. It's amazing how one subtle aspect like this makes the game basically unplayable for me.
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