warrior frustration (low ladder punch bag)

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Basically as a new warrior with only the basic starting cards I'm getting completely destroyed and I mean DESTROYED and can't get any wins to progress through this game AT ALL.

are there any other new warriors to this game that are experiencing the same Brutal treatment as me?.

I'm either getting my combo setups picked off very easily. can't bank up any armor during my turns and once my weapons have been used up (which is only a matter of time) I become a free win
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I Guess Not Then. I'll have to start dumping money into the game and hope for Some Shield slams cause of right now I can't even keep up against Rush Decks! which I'm facing 90% of the time and for 5 days straight with about 4 wins it's really getting on my Nerves.

Paying money in the hope of Gaining some much needed utility considering it's a huge gamble that could get quite expensive so that I can progress with my warrior. worth it or not? does the card pop up frequently in packs??
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Before you start throwing your money at blizzard, let's recap your current experience. What kind of deck do you use? Can you list the exact composition for everyone to see? If your problem is in rush decks, try assembling an anti-aggro variant, all you need is double whirlwind, double mad bomber, double cruel taskmaster, double fiery war axe and double cleave. This should stop any kind of a rush attempt in its tracks. Add double shield block in the mix and you'll have improved survivability out of common and basic cards.

Then, as you gradually expand your card collection, you could make a transition into a midrange deck that involves kor'kron elites, arathi weaponsmiths, arcanite reapers and frothing berserkers. This will allow you to clear the board of minions with your weapons while letting your creatures stay alive and deal damage to the face.

As you win more matches and buy more packs, you can start assembling your control deck with Grommash and Alexstrasza. This will take some time, but you'll accumulate a lot of valuable experience while getting there.

That's approximately how warrior progression goes. If you really want to excel, disenchat every non-warrior class and craft what you really need.
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I'd highly recommend trying to tailor your deck to suit what you're encountering the most (I'd assume they're Rush decks)

Things like early removal such as Whirlwind, Execute, Cleave, Heroic Strike (For when you run out of Weapons), Fiery War Axe and Slam are very good against Rush.

As are potent Taunts such as Sen'Jin Shieldmasta - Booty Bay Bodyguard is not great, but is adequate for mid-game minions.

As far as getting cards goes, while you CAN buy some, you can also try to get packs for free by doing Dailies and perhaps even grinding some wins in Casual. From the reference you made to the Ladder, I'm assuming you're trying to progress through Ranked - This can be pretty difficult since the release of the game as there are lots of veteran players with completed decks utilizing lots of Rares, Legendaries and Epics purposely sitting at rank ~20 in order to farm wins to progress towards Golden Heroes quickly. After about rank 18-19ish things become a lot more manageable.

If you go the free route and farm gold, it's possible to disenchant other class cards and neutrals you don't need in order to complete your Warrior deck as quickly as possible (While it's advantageous to have relatively decent decks for other classes to get wins for Dailies, the important factor is to get at least 1 deck you enjoy playing, even more so if you can then bear playing it for the 30 wins a day needed to get the 100 gold cap from wins)
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thanks for the Tips guys I don't really want to give up on the warrior class but it's just so damn hard to keep up in 90% of the matches at the lower end of the ranked ladder. I'll give the Hunter Mage or Druid a try for now failing that I'll just throw a ton of cash into my warrior tomorrow evening so I can catch up in the game without suffering so many awful defeats as I currently am. having my card combos easily picked of before I can even try to counter anything while setting up plays and constantly being armor starved is getting beyond a joke now

I've been running all types of decks and trying different things that have been posted on these forums for the best part of 5 days.

it's getting late but from all of the changing about and swapping of cards I'm at the point of not giving a damn. My deck currently looks like this http://i.imgur.com/vGraZOc.jpg
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I've been finding warrior too frustrating to play with.

Rush deck is hampered easily by taunts

Control deck is WEAK against other control decks

Shear identity crisis with warrior's hero power and total lack of synergy
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Yes Ravis Exactly what I have been experiencing I have even been getting emote taunted by Mages, Hunters and priest's like they know they will come out on top in the end ! it's just a matter of time until I'm completely out of weapon removals and card synergy combos. while struggling to put up armor.
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I'm not an expert at the game but I have been playing for a couple of months. From my experience, warrior can be very hit or miss (particularly without all the cards you need to make a great deck). Warrior seems to be most successful if it runs an aggro deck (aggressive frequently attacking the enemy hero rather than minions on the board) or as a late control deck (needs the support of a lot of expensive legendaries).

Warrior has a harsher learning curve than some of the other classes so expect to have a rough time at first. Because it relies on weapons for removal, it can be hard to decide when is the right time to attack the hero or protect the minions on your side of the board. I recommend you look at hearthhead at basic decks for warriors and see if you can find one that suits your playstyle. I used this one starting out http://www.hearthhead.com/deck=549/basic-warrior and it worked well. After I started to get some cards and tweak the deck more to my playstyle, I started to have a much better time with Warrior in general.
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Back when I started I really struggled to get wins as a warrior. I am not sure if this is because I was still terrible at the game or if the warrior basic cards are not as good as mage. Anyway, your best bet as a new warrior is to make a good facerush deck.
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Sinister, you just need to streamline your deck. Remove the minions that are subpar to others for the same cost (for instance, replace your frostwolf grunt with another amani berserker). Warsong commander is questionable at best, since there isn't much going for that card right now, but adding another cruel taskmaster for early game protection and enrage will work. Booty Bay and Core Hound have too low HP to be useful, but adding double shield block instead will give you more survivability and card draw which you're currently lacking.
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