A rework of Cabal Shadow Priest and Shadowfor

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Take out the card shadowform from the game

Replace the ability of the current Cabal Shadow Priest with the shadowform ability.
Note: The shadowform stays even if the Shadow Priest minion dies.

The shadowform needs some sort of stick to function and not make a uselessly slow card, but anything cheaper than 5/6 mana seems like it would be a bit too powerful.

Maybe even make it 7/8 mana and give it the 3 damage version instead of the 2.

the Cabal Shadow Priest has never really been that strong. It's usually only able to grab the late comer harvest golem if it's lucky, or it sits in hand most of the game. That, combined with the inherent problems of the shadowform spell, I say rework the Shadow Priest, and remove the spell from the game.
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The soulpriest already does what shadowform fails to do, so I don't really see a need for shadowform to exist. Essentially, soulpriest does for priest what weapons do for other classes, except weaker because of the cost and it can just be removed or silenced.

The cabal shadow priest is fine, if it was cheaper. Now it can be used to steal mana totems, pagals and late small minions, but it would be a lot better as a small and less expensive minion.

Rather remove shadow madness and replace it with a reworked cabal priest as a T4 drop.
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T5 drop Cabal shadow priest... is what we need xD.. stealing mechanics arent normally accessible earlier on because it would probably be too overpowered. the board hasnt been developed yet.. and stealing a minion and gaining one... is too big a swing. imagine stealing a t3 harvest golem by coining out cabal... that's crazy.
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Indeed the OP points out a real weakness of four Epic cards that do really very little, both for their epic level and their mana cost.

I would also point out that Shadow Madness is equally quite weak, especially comparing it against the Mind Control Tech, which drops a 3/3 minion, steals another random minion permanently, it's neutral and rare, only costs 3. Also, if there are no 4 enemy minions, you can still drop a 3/3 body on the board, making it useable. Verdict: Good.

By comparison Shadow Madness, it's also rare, costs 4, doesn't drop a minion, only temporarily takes one with 3-attack or less (or take a damaged golem permanently, at best), and it's a class card. Also, if there are no such minions on the board, it's a dead card. I'd rather drop a Yeti. Verdict: Terrible.

About the Cabal Shadow Priest, it should either give you Shadowform permanently (as the op suggests) or even do what the Mind Control Tech does, but better (since it's a class card, and Epic).

Shadow Madness should also be reworked, probably to cost 2 mana (at 3 it would still be lacking vs the Mind Control Tech, to be honest) or work differently.
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I would disagree with shadow madness being a bad card. Its an early game Anti-aggro card and one of the most consistent 2 for 1s in a value deck. It often a dead card against Druid, Rogue and Handlock but its invaluable against Hunter, Rush Warlock and Value Mage

I wouldn't mind seeing Cabal shadowpriest buffed to either a 5 drop or a 6 drop that steals a 3/x creature. It's still playable Right now since it can steal some of the more annoying creatures like Harvest Golem, Unbuffed Gurabashi, Unbuffed Frothing Beserker, unbuffed Ghoul, Unbuffed Hyena, Mana Tide Totem, Flametongue, mana Wyrm, Nat Pagel, Northshire Cleric, Volture, I don't feel like listing anymore but you get the idea.

While we are talking about cards that are expensive for what they do, I wouldn't mind seeing Holy Fire buffed to a 5 drop. you pretty much have to run as a early game 4/4 and 4/5 removal and a late game "Oh Sh*t" heal/finisher but it seems to hardly ever get used for full value
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03/21/2014 07:24 AMPosted by Redoing
I would disagree with shadow madness being a bad card. Its an early game Anti-aggro card and one of the most consistent 2 for 1s in a value deck. It often a dead card against Druid, Rogue and Handlock but its invaluable against Hunter, Rush Warlock and Value Mage

I still think that Shadow Madness is a bad card, mainly because it's very situational and costs a bit too much.

Against Shamans it's also useless, especially if they run Spirit Wolves (2/3s) or a couple of Totems enhanced by a Defender of Argus (1/3).

Aggro Warlocks now run loads of Taunts (1/3, 0/4) and Divine Shields making you trade 1 for 1 if you get lucky.

Yes, there are rare situations where you get a damaged Harvest Golem, but it doesn't justify the cost nor the restrictivness of the card. Honestly, I'd rather drop a Yeti for 4 mana, or a Mind Control Tech for 3 Mana (which can still be played as 3/3 body in the worst case scenario).
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Cabal Shadowpriest is fine; it needs neither rework nor removal. I run two in nearly every deck I play, despite 6-drop slots being so competitive in a Priest deck.

Shadowform may not be all that great, but its effect is very powerful and could easily make the card imbalanced if receives a buff. It's a candidate for rework, but far from the best, imo.

I find it hard to believe any Priest player could not like Shadow Madness. Compare it to Multishot, not Mind Control Tech.
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Well, I think you are right, multishot seems to be, in a strange way, roughly equivalent to Shadow Madness (basically up to 3 damage to two minions), although the latter requires much more brain cells to use :D

Thanks for pointing that out.

Although I have to say, I'm still not a great fan of it since I find it a bit too situational for my tastes, and I tend to use it only when I can trade 2 for 1, which means a lot of times it sits in my hand.
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Wait, what?! Cabal Shadow Priest is one of the best cards of the Priest class and one of the few reasons I main Priest. No need to change that card...

Edit: I'm also against changing cards in their current state, they should just release new sets and new cards will eventually make some cards that are useless right now stronger.
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