What does a warrior do against a mage deck?

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I cant remember the last time i beat a mage. They simply have too much board control. Its to the point where if a minion doesn't have charge, it doesn't even get to perform an attack before it dies.

People try to justify the dozens of mage nuke cards with "blah blah they don't have any powerful monsters blah blah", but between the mage apprentice, mirror image, and all of the powerful neutral minions they have access to, that really doesn't seem to be a viable excuse.

Tips? Suggestions?
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Oh sure, you'll probably go through a few minions in the early turns, but standard warrior answer applies. Get out your axe and start hitting things.

Warrior can actually benefit quite a bit from the standard Mage frame of mind. "No, I can't Polymorph THAT, what if he plays something bigger?!" "No, I should hold off on the Flamestrike, he's only got two minions on the board." I had a mage chuck a fireball at me seemingly because I was building up armor and he was frustrated with it.

And that's what I'd recommend you do against Mages; Don't flood the board, play slow, armor up when you get ahead on the board, and just chip away at his health. Control the board. Mages are generally heavy on spells and, as such, light on creatures. Recognize the threats and eliminate them. It helps to have a gap closer like Grommash for that big damage out of nowhere to help seal the deal. And keep your health up, cannot stress that enough. Mages will chuck either a pyro or a pair of fireballs at you, so staying out of range of that is vital.
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A mage shooting all your minions is normal. That's good- it means he's scared of them. It's when they let your minions live that's the problem. It means they're trying to bait you into an aoe.
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When facing a mage, I usually try to cycle through my deck as fast as possible to get a way to remove their two potential water elementals (either shield slam or execute). After that, clear the board with fiery war axes and stack up armour until I pull my Alex on him and start dealing real damage. There's nowhere to hurry after you destroyed his core creatures.
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