To all you Priest players

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As a rogue player, I just want you to know that you are the only class that I hate playing against. Mindcontrol, holynova, cabal, injured bladmaster+healing circle. You guys are annoying as all hell. At least I can always count on a good game though.

Other than that do any of you find rogues to be difficult compared to other classes? Why and why not? Discussion time :D
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Rogues are tough when they go second and manage to combo something with the coin, like a Scrub or SI:7 Agent. That early boost can be tough to come back from.

Playing as Priest, I think the most difficult class for me is Hunter. I play Shadowform in my Priest deck, but when the Hunter is pegging me 2 damage every turn it's harder to give up the heal for the Mind Spike.
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!@#$ Rogues! YOU'RE Frustrated!? Do you have any clue how irritating it is to play against a Rogue who kills you with practically no minions? Or purposefully feeds cards into your deck and then vanishes everything from the board so it's all lost? Psh.
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it's real fun sitting their watching you spam preparations and fan of knives.. yeah real fun. gadgetzan abuse.
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Nothing worse than thoughtstealing or mind visioning Deadly Poison. Nope nope. Its not like it sits there being useless for the rest of the game.
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Really the combos like double health and inner fire is so damn annoying. I just played this priest who threw down 2 injured blademasters with a cleric and then healing circled them and later in the game mind controlled my rags. The stealing is so annoying
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the power of dogma compels you to obey.
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Back at ya , bro. I hate playing against rogues. They can clear everything and still punish you to the face.
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Uhhhh it's never frustrating unless they get perfect draws.

Played against an aggro rogue who had 3 10+ attack creatures by turn 5 and I couldn't do anything. Cold Blood on Leeroy, 10/10 Vancleef, and empowered Questing Adventurer. He got the perfect removal spells for anything I put on board while I didn't have silence or SW:D/BGH in my hand :(
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Rogue seems like a high skill cap character, most of the Rogues I come accross are faily easy to kill (rank 13-14). They are the third easiest class for me to kill behind Mage and Priest. Teh hardest seems to be Shaman and Warrior.

I play a control value deck
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Normal experience playing against a rogue:

*Turn 5, Rogue plays 5 cards.*
Okay, now I can deal with thay by-
*Rogue plays 3 more cards, Still somehow has a full hand.*
*Rogue plays one more card, ends turn*

That said, I don't think my win/loss against rogues is significantly worse than any other class. Being able to heal up some of the itty bitty damage helps.
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I've been keeping track of the stats with my new deck i've played about 2 weeks in ranked and its looked like this:

96 Games
52 Wins, 44 Losses

Losses by Class:
Pally: 11
Warrior: 6
Shaman: 6
Warlock: 5
Druid: 5
Hunter: 4
Rogue: 2
Priest: 2
Mage: 2

Pally looks like the worst class but i've played against more palidans by far than any other class. By a percentage its warrior and shaman.
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