I dont think the legend/control deck

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...is viable/optimal. Everyone knows it, knows what cards are in it and what they have to do to beat it. IMO the Warrior control deck goes against the style of the Warrior, especially Alex. I think it's much stronger to stay on the offensive early to keep the enemy on the back foot, mid game just survive, then end it with a big combo late. Idk, im not great but those are my thoughts. I've found that charge/enrage decks with late game power (Grommash/Gorehowl) seem to be much more reliable.
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IMO the Warrior control deck goes against the style of the Warrior...

Considering that warrior has the most defensive hero power in the entire game, I'd say that control is exactly the style most suited to the class.
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I agree with Breakfast. My preferred play style is control, and I have control decks that I like for every class except Warrior. The hero power isn't the issue as much as the Warrior class cards. They don't trade well, and removal and card draw are both too limited. Warrior control was a little more viable when Nat Pagle and Tinkmaster could pick up some of the slack in the card draw and removal department, but their nerfs have pushed Warrior out of the control game.
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I disagree, our hero ability gives 2 points of armor per turn. Shield block gives 5 points of armor and one card. Shield slam is our only high damage nuke that doesn't require us to take damage and therefore greatly benefits off of using both of the two mentioned ability/cards. Whirlwind is amazing when coupled with Armorsmiths, Acolytes, and Frothing Berserkers.

Alex is the punch needed to get back on to even damage footing after keeping the poor clean early on (where you end up using your face a fair amount). There are plenty of cards in the overall warrior deck to go either way, control or aggro but I completely disagree the class is best suited for just aggro. In my mind the class really shines as control.
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Control Deck warrior only works well if they have card advantage or draw well.

Warriors right now have a glaring problem where they have to spend 2 cards to kill high threat cards. Their so-called "advantage" of low-cost removal aka Execute is nullifed by lack of class based minion / burst card draws
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Warrior cards don't trade well? What, do we not consider the WEAPONS to be Warrior cards? Warrior's whole gimmick is that we trade to the face. Accuse them of having bad aoe clear, sure, that's fine. But efficiency? It's rare that your axes trade for less than two. Gorehowl runs on efficiency; two mana per turn to keep you from killing yourself too fast and start face-checking.
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Yeah, the deck isn't viable at all. That's why so many in the top ranks use it, they just love to lose.
I'm using a combo/control warrior deck (I don't have all the cards needed for the "standard" one, so I made my own "ghetto" version that's far from as good as the deck most people run) and it's one of my better performing decks.
Obviously people just make sure they lose when they see what I play because they feel sorry for me and my nonviable deck.
Seriously, registering at the forums to post a thread saying that one of the more used decks isn't viable is just silly, hence my trolly response.
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03/15/2014 04:55 PMPosted by Arodin
I agree with Breakfast.

I, too, agree with breakfast
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Control Warrior is pretty much the only thing that is decent against hunter facedecks and because of this that makes it extremely viable.

EDIT: Druid is pretty good as well. Against hunter facerush as well as other stuff.
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Your post makes no sense whatsoever. The fact that people are smart enough to open any net decking site and look at the cards in every popular deck out there doesn't make any of these decks non viable/optimal, that's the dumbest thing I've read today. When you play against a Handlock you know exactly what to expect, does that make Handlock any less powerful? Same goes for playing against Paladin control, Druid(unless using the Violet Paw version), etc. In fact that's the hallmark of a viable and optimal deck, not the other way around.

As for the Warrior style, even in WoW Warriors are primarily tanks and damage dealers second. Hunters, Rogues, Mages, etc all have higher damage than Warriors, but are much more squishy because they either have range, stealth or both to compensate for their squishiness. Warriors are tough front liners that need to be able to soak up damage, otherwise they'll die instantly. But hey, guess what? Hearthstone isn't WoW, nor is it an RPG. Classes don't have a specific style, deck archetypes do. Most classes can pull off aggro, combo, mid range and control decks, these are the game styles not anything class specific. Now, if you meant to say that Warrior control doesn't play like other control decks than I'd agree with you and tell you that Warrior control is a unique deck within the control archetype. I'd call it a combo-control deck to be more accurate in TCG terms, as it primarily wins with a turn 9+ Alexstrasza into Grommash+enrage(Inner Rage or Cruel Taskmaster)+weapon/other minion on board for the kill. That's a combo right there, that takes 2 turns but doesn't require the first turn's component to stick around, meaning that you don't actually need Alexstrasza to survive in order to win, but if your opponent doesn't remove Alexstrasza than it's much easier to win with Grommash as than Whirlwind would give you enough damage, no need for the +2 and enrage nor another minion/weapon as you have 8 damage from Alexstrasza.

The rest of your post makes as much sense as the beginning of it, as in none whatsoever. You find mid-range Warrior decks to be more reliable yet mid-range Warrior decks are pretty weak, 2nd only to Warlock mid-range which is truly awful. Warrior mid-range works to an extent but is far from a strong archetype. Warrior control on the other hand is a very reliable deck, you need to have a particularly bad draw and your opponent to have particularly good draw in order for you to lose, or for you to not understand how the deck is meant to be played and make a lot of crucial mistakes because of that. That's why a lot of the high ranking players play Warrior control, because it's an optimal and very efficient deck that has a high win percentage against most decks when played properly. If that doesn't make a deck viable than I don't know what does, or perhaps you don't understand the meaning of the term viable, I don't know.
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