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Hi, first time posting here.

I've been experimenting with a warrior deck because I like it's synergies eventough sometimes it's a pain. Anyway I'm building a deck around warsong commander but sometimes I can get in trouble either with card draw (Most of the times) or needing to down some enemy.

So far this is what the deck is:

x2 - Inner Rage
x2 - Execute
x1 - Whirlwind (Was thinking on getting 2 when I had some dust)
x2 - Fiery War Axe
x1 - Battle Rage (Might get 2 of this when I have some dust)
x1 - Commanding Shout (Might get 2 of this when I have some dust)
x1 - Rampage (Tempted between keeping it or removing it)
x2 - Amani Berserker
x2 - Bloodsail Raider
x2 - Cruel Taskmaster (I keep on adding and removing those since I have 2 inner rage)
x2 - Frothing Berserker
x2 - Raging Worgen
x2 - Warsong Commander
x2 - Arathi Weaponsmith
x2 - Kor'kon Elite (I added this incase they kill my warsong or I haven't got it yet)
x2 - Arcanite Reaper
x2 - Gurubashi Berserker

I keep changing cards from time to time but atm this is what I have. I had 2 thrallmar before which works nice with warsong but I don't know it attracts too much attention unlike amani since most people try to keep it full health or deal with it with another monster. I also had 2 loot horder before but decided to take them off but sometimes I can get out of cards pretty fast.

The biggest weakness so far is that all of them have low health which is a huge risk vs aoe decks and I thought on having stormwind before but it didn't match well so I scraped it off the deck. Another alternative was adding raid leader but I don't know seems kinda another creature I have to wait a combo for and having 2 health means it dies pretty quickly.

Today I was thinking on maybe adding the 3 health taunts since they get charge and have 5 health (Sen'jin) or 6 health (Fen creeper) but since they don't have any battlecries or enrage I don't think they fit the deck. I have 1 defender of argus that I usually add in all decks since it's a great card and having 3/3 it would get charge but It's tough deciding what to remove.

So.... Any tips guys?

I have like 15 dust atm and have Black Knight and Deathwing which for quite a while I had black knight in this deck just incase yet I haven't got to use it once thanks to the weapons so I took it off.

Thanks :)
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If you lack card draw, Acolyte of Pain combos with basically anything that works with enrage.
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True, but what could I sacrifice to add them?

Let's be clear here. IF I manage to keep 2-4 monsters alive, Whirlwind + Battle Rage works wonders and that was the reason why I was thinking on adding another Whirlwind when I had some more dust.

I am seriously thinking on adding some endgame creature just incase since I don't have brawl and it's kinda risky. So far apart of the common ones I have molten giant and deathwing maybe (Which could work great since I run out of cards).
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I've been playing with something similar, except minus the Kor'krons, the Reapers, the weaponsmiths, 1 Gurubashi (currently sitting out while I check out Spiteful Smith), no commanding shout (never seem to have it when I need it) or rampage (been considering it) or even execute, no worgens (mostly a question of what would I be willing to part with), and instead Grommash, 1 Gorehowl, 1 Armorsmith, Shield Smashes, Slams, Heroic Strikes (I like them bc they stack with the weapon you have out unlike additional weapons), and Whirlwinds. And 1 Upgrade atm, set the other aside to try something else out. Would consider Upgrade less valuable without the Gorehowl though, I like getting to swing it once at the other guy.

Actually traded out my Battle Rage, too, for a pair of Acolytes just now. Between Taskmasters and Inner Rage and WW I managed to get about 5 cards of draw out of them combined, as good or better than Battle Rage. Plus one traded out for a Yeti thanks to the trigger cards (Taskmaster, Inner Rage) and the other drew a 3 damage Wrath. I'd say they acquitted themselves nicely. General rule on Battle Rage is you'll average 2 cards, maybe better if you sit on it for a while. But of course the value is a bit lower because it's not going to TRADE for anything, just draw cards. The concept of value needs to include how many cards the other guy has to spend to get rid of what you played. :)

Slam is good on the basis that it may let you draw a card in addition to doing damage, it's up to you whether the kill or the card is more important. Or maybe it's a Yeti and you're packing your Fiery War Axe. Slam it first, then finish it off. Or maybe it's your own Gurubashi and you want that 3 extra damage. And a card. Less practical on an Acolyte because they only have 3 health.

Ahhh the Kor'kron's.... not found of them myself. Like most Charge cards, you want to swing them straight at the enemy's face. They just don't have the health for trading. And I suppose you'd want to be protecting them with a weapon, ideally. But at 3 health there's a lot of removal that'll take them out too... buff them with taskmaster or rage and you put them in the range of most aoe they would barely live through before... Generally if I want a Charge I want to trade it into something scary. I'd generally take Argent Commander over Kor'kron, the divine shield is just too good. Even after the trade it doesn't just keel over for a mage / druid / rogue. The 2 extra mana is worth the value, considering the way I would prefer to use it. Plus... situationally, I could be dropping a 9/3 Bloodsail Raider. WITH CHARGE, if I've got the Warsong Commander out. Or if I played the Gorehowl last turn, I can put out the WC first, then the Raider. Two Raiders, if I've got them. A 4/3 just doesn't excite me.

And lastly, the Worgen. I mean, it's good. Really. So good that anyone who sees it is going to hurl any solutions they have straight at him. This is still often a good thing, as you will have other threats that are now safer to play. I do value Amani higher, personally, and I'll tell you why. For one thing, 5 damage is a magic number. Lets you trade that Amani out for some really good cards. Windfury just lets you maybe hit the face first before trading, but the Worgen has 4 meaning that it hits a few things and just dies without killing them. Yeti and Sen'jin come to mind, very popular cards. For another thing, Amani costs one less, but has same amount of health. Leading me to my ideal start; go second, coin Amani turn 1, then Inner Rage or Taskmaster turn 2, resulting in 7 damage to the face (Ideally, Inner Rage and Fiery War Axe for protection). It's always a good combo, but right out the gate it's very strong.
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I don't have argent commander, grommash and gorehowl tough :/

I spent all my dust to get the warrior cards as I seem to only get mage/priest cards from packs >_>

I just changed the 2 arcanite reaper for the 2 cost card that gives +4 attack toy our hero, it won't help with bloodsail raider but I can't wait forever to get this combo so screw it plus it costs 3 less. I also added molten giant since all these weapons means I keep on getting hit so I can call him out quite early plus I added deathwing for the lols. (Just a few minutes ago a warrior raged I had molten he used some creatures to beat it down then spawned 2 taunts and a 4 attack dude I called deathwing and he left the game haha)

I know deathwing is situational but the game was taking long I had only amani in my hand and he had no cards and 11 health so I said screw it what could go wrong? :D
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Yeah, the other guy being out of cards is pretty much the ideal time to play Deathwing. You are at least guaranteed he's not sitting on direct removal. At least it's just a top-deck war... with you having a 12/12 on the board... it's about the best you can ask for. Outside of knowing he's already played all possible direct removal.

Not all advice is about immediate changes, sometimes it's about things to work toward. :)
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Man, today priests are making me rage hard!

So many friggen ways to kill your dudes, then also have couple ways to steal cards AND steal minions since not only they have mind control but there are also minions that can steal creatures >_>

Anyway I removed the 2 charge minions, rampage and the battle rage/commanding shout (I think) and added 2 acloytes, another cruel task master as I had 1 and 1 more whirlwind.

The result? Better card draw but I'm kinda missing the charge minions as I'm getting smashed since today NO duel I did had warsong commander ever come till late game and I have 2 of them >_> Also no fiery war axe ever....

Must be a bad day since from like 10 duels only 2 were not priest (Warlock, Druid).

Damn priests >_>
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03/19/2014 05:39 AMPosted by Noxserpens
So many friggen ways to kill your dudes, then also have couple ways to steal cards AND steal minions since not only they have mind control but there are also minions that can steal creatures >_>

By "so many ways", do you mean two? Three if you count Mind Control at 10 mana but a deck like this should have ended the game before then.

The minions that can steal creatures are both neutral.
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There's also:

Cabal Shadow Priest, Shadow Madness and Mindgames which he also had.

And my point was that they have too much ways to hinder you by stealing your cards which while not a card draw could mean they can get some good cards from you, control your units, their power can be switched a 2 damage attack and with phropet velen it deals or heals 4, some good damaging spells like holy fire and good buffs too.

I'm not going to complain as nothing is going to change but oh well hopefully tomorrow I don't get screwed up by draws and only fighting priests heh.
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Fighting priests sounds better to me than fighting nothing but zoo locks and faceroll hunters. :(
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I don't have much problems vs warlocks and I rarely see hunters which is another class I like.
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