Is the warlock hero power op?

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Close minded people are "FUN"...........
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05/02/2014 05:08 PMPosted by Zoid
Those who think it is OP do so for two reasons:

I think it's OP for 2 totally different reasons :P
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05/27/2014 01:00 PMPosted by Skies
05/02/2014 05:08 PMPosted by Zoid
Those who think it is OP do so for two reasons:

I think it's OP for 2 totally different reasons :P

Would you care to share with the rest of the class?
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imho, it so utterly OP as something can be OP.
(and I have played a fair time with and against Warlocks - sure it's sweet to win at that high rates when playing Warlock (and yes it can be beaten), but in my opinion the hero ability is reeeeeaaaaalllly broken).

All other classes need to build strategies to efficiently using their cards, or waste card slots to get additional cards. Warlocks don't need to this as nearly as much as the other classes. They can draw whenever they like without the need to put something in their deck to draw cards.

And the 2 dmg per draw is a joke. A card is so much more value. Warlocks can almost everytime use 2 cards to kill one card of all the other classes and still win.

One thing I agree on though, the majority of the warlock class cards isn't that great. I'd like to see that buffed and the hero ability changed to something not so ridicilous.
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Of course it's too strong.

There is a reason warlock has one of the top aggro decks AND one of the top control decks and can even play weird OTK builds into legend just on the back of the hero power.

Hero power is a HUGE deal in hearthstone. Paladin has some excellent class cards but his hero power being absolute garbage is one of the biggest reasons why paladin is rarely if ever seen.

And I'm tired of people saying that warlock cards being '!@#$' balances it out.
First of all, there are SO many powerful neutral cards that see play that you can easily just pad your list with those if you think warlock cards are bad.
Secondly, there are TONS of good warlock class cards. Soulfire is a card I would love to have in almost every deck I use. Mortal coil is very useful in both aggro and control. Flame Imp is probably the strongest 1 drop in the game, and voidwalker is hardly bad in any sense of the word.
Power overwhelming makes some really disgusting burst combos possible, and doomguard is insane stat efficiency when you have no qualms about emptying your hand because you can just refill it after.

Not to mention warlock has one of the strongest removal suites there are. Hellfire, Shadowflame, Siphon Soul are all excellent cards that noone would call '%^-*ty'.

Despite having so many very viable class cards there seems to be a perpetual myth that warlock cards are 'bad' just because there are some stinkers in there. Well news flash what class doesn't have some really awful class cards?

The warlock hero power is insane. In aggro it makes sure you will have a hard time running out of steam, it allows you to abuse the discard requirement of cards by using up your hand without reservation, and you can force trades because card advantage is nothing you'll ever have to worry about.

In control games where having all the answers is important the effects of life tap are even more sickening. It will smooth your curve, make dead hands rare, and develop insane burst ending combos to rival miracle rogue without worrying about having nothing to play.

I played zoo last season to rank 5 or so then switched to control. But in the end to get out of the rank 1 hump I just played handlock. As more cards are released warlock will become even more dominant than it already is (it has been one of the top 3 classes every single month since release and often the top 1) because Life Tap scales as the card pool expands. The stronger the overall card pool is the more value an extra card has.

Just think about Priest. Priest is widely considered to be the weakest class and it's class cards are even more lackluster than warlocks. But just imagine how insane priest would be if it had life tap. Nothing else matters, with life tap you can build top tier decks around any class. If that is not an indication that it is overtuned I don't know what is.
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I just got this game and looked at the hero powers and wow...This class's power jumped off the screen to me as magic the gathering player.

Not sure if warlocks power is OP here or not yet... but as a magic the gathering player it is definitely the strongest power if this game plays out similarly to magic.

It looks like a one way howling mind. Which is a card that costs 2 mana and lets you draw one more card per turn... but its drawback is much stronger in that it lets the opponent draw one more card per turn as well and they even get the first extra draw. It could also be compared to older cards that have long been banned.

It looks to be an extremely strong engine

but i'm a noob and haven't gotten to break anything .....yet :)
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Fortunatelly, in MtG you can react to your oponent.

In Hearthstone, there's things like MR's (Miracle Rogues) and the still strong Hunter UTH (Unleash the Hounds) that even when you're expecting things, and are prepared to it, there's pretty much nothing you can do and they win in a SINGLE turn.

There are a lot more, but uncomon combos, like priest's life boost. They're OTK (One Turn Kill), and it's ridiculous, to say the least.

Also, Randomness plays a much bigger role in HS.
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