How important is Gromash for Warrior control?

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So I am missing Gromash, Gorehowl and one shield slam to finish my warrior control deck.

Should I prioritize getting him? or I can skip him for a while?
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He's good, no doubt about it. Like a very good finisher, easily able to do a lot of damage.

But, out of the cards you're missing, I'm assuming you already have the other Legendary finishers (Ragnaros, Ysera, Alexstraza etc) in which case something like Gorehowl and Shield Slam would likely be better priorities due to them helping you get Board Control to be able to last until those finishers (Also, to clear the board so that a finisher actually works)
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He is a really good card. He save me many time even with Alexstraza.
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The control deck is going to suffer without any of those cards you mentioned honestly. Shield slam is our best high damage nuke without having to eat face damage, Grommash is our best finisher and Gorehowl is really useful in rounds 7-9 to keep the board clean to set up the flood of legendary cards.

I really can't decide which I think is most important of those 3. My heart goes with shield slam, but you would really have to get some lucky business with Alex/Rag to close out games without Grommash. Maybe if you go Shield Slam first try and save at least one Inner Rage and add a Rampage in the deck for Alex (assuming you can bait out enough removal to make it work out for you). Unsure, good luck!
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Get Gorehowl first, without a single doubt. Then Shield Slam. It's just too strong and even more now that Tinkmaster is unplayable. Then Grom.
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They're all indispensable cards, as has been mentioned.

But Grom is 1600 dust. The other two would be easier to acquire in the meantime, so I'd maybe go with those first.
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If you want to take the deck to the high ranks you pretty much need Grom. No questions asked.

If you want to meddle around in casual or just play at a weaker rank then something like leeroy jenkins or even a rare charger like argent commander COULD work. Entire idea behind from is to combo it with a weapon charge (gore howl) once you opponent is at lower hp.
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You need the second Shield Slam that is non negotiable. It's one of the best kill cards in the game. If you have one Gorehowl that's enough two is overkill. If you mean you don't have any Arcanite reaper is a decent stand it till you get one. It's only a substitute it's not a replacement by any stretch of the imagination.

Grom is an important piece the Alexstrasza Grom combo is usually the game. He's also less random than Ragnaros which means you can win it without a clear board. He's a class legendary worth the dust. Your deck will suffer a little but it's not broken without him.
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Grommash is only practical as a 2-card play (grommash + damage spell for enrage) for finishers.

anything earlier than a finisher usually results is removal or mind control unless both sides are top-decking and playing the odds.

So in answer to you question, he's not a "control" card.. He's a finisher
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