~Critique Wanted on Warrior Deck~

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I've been playing Hearthstone since just before the open beta ended, and although I have been having fun, I wouldn't exactly say I was smashing my way through the ranks.

So far my favorite class has been warrior, and recently I have cobbled together a deck that seems to finally have some sticking power which has helped me actually feel competitive in ranked.

I figure there is probably a similar more refined version of my deck out there that I could use to tune up my deck that somebody knows about. Also, any advice on cards that should be replaced and what to replace them with.

2 inner rage-0
2 execute-1
2 fiery war axe-2
2 cleave-2
1 rampage-2
1 slam-2
2 amani berserker-2
2 cruel taskmaster-2
1 faerie dragon-2
1 ironbeak owl-2
2 charge-3
1 shield block-3
1 acolyte of pain-3
2 raging worgen-3
1 shattered sun cleric-3
1 arathi weapon smith-4
1 dark iron dwarf-4
1 gnomish inventor-4
1 korkron elite-4
1 arcanite reaper-5
1 boulderfist ogre-6
1 windfury harpy-6
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No Frenzied Berserkers?! :p

Also, if you bring weapons you really might as well look at Bloodsail Raider, sub those in for something cheap. Not a big fan of the Charge card in its current form, I'd rather have Warsong Commanders there. It'd affect the proposed Berserkers, Raiders, Amani zerkers, Clerics... and nice and cheap. Play that out, let it Charge a Raider before the Raider's battlecry takes effect, smash something hard.
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Spiteful smith is great too.

When enraged it gives your weapons +2 till he dies or fully healed.
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Hm I am a fan of the interaction Bloodsails have with weapons, and weapon smith would add even more interaction between weapons and Bloodsails.

And putting commanders instead of charge does actually make sense, at least in my deck in its current state.
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03/17/2014 03:03 PMPosted by Vorochi
No Frenzied Berserkers?! :p

I'm going to second this. He has 4 health and super-taunt.
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