Tips To Improve My Priest Deck

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1 Circle Of Healing (0)

2 Power Word: Shield (1)

2 Northshire Cleric (1)

2 Shadow Word: Pain (2)

2 Ancient Watcher (2)

1 Ironbeak Owl (2)

1 Sunfury Protecter (2)

1 Shadow Word: Death (3)

1 Thoughtsteal (3)

1 Acolyte Of Pain (3)

2 Injured Blademaster (3)

1 Shadow Madness (4)

2 Auchenai Soulpriests (4)

2 Chilliwind Yeti (4)

1 Defender of Argus (4)

2 Holy Nova (5)

1 Faceless Manipulator (5)

1 Gurubashi Berserker (5)

1 Holy Fire (6)

1 Argent Commander (6)

1 Ysera (9)

1 Mind Control (10)

Thoughts? Tips to improve? Discuss Please! Any help would be appreciated :D
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Ok from what i see you re playin a mix of shadowpriest and control. Never tried it seems to ... gimmicky for my taste but i ll let you know what i play.

Here s my deck :

1 silence- zero mana
1 holy smite, 1 inner fire for some nice combos,1 PW shield, 1 Cleric,1 mind blast (i ll sugest this only if you have Velen), 2 SW pain, 1 crazed alchemist (this guy won me so many games and saved my !@# as well), 1 fairie dragon, 1 SW death, 1 thoughsteal (you can replace this if you dont like the rng part of it), 1 dalaran mage (i dont own yet a Thalnos), 1 harvest golem, 1 yeti, 1 Lightspawn (feel free to replace this but i like it ), 2 holy nova, 1 azure drake, 1 Face Manip, 1 shadow madness, 2 Cabal Priests (i know but i just cant stop laughing when i steal a golem a berseker or a Thalnos ;), Cairne (replace with w/e legendary you own ), 1 sunwalker (acts as a bait but if they dont remove it you get 2 for 1),1 temple enforcer (feel free to replace it with some other big minion but works for me), The Black Knight (for dem pesky druuds and not only), Velen, Ysera and 1 Mind control.

Ok i admit i play from September last year and i got some cards but you get the idea. I like control priest and this is afaik the best i can do with the cards i got. Im at rank 14 atm but im playin my shaman for the time being because i can rank up higher with it ;(

Hope this helps , good luck with your priest.
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Thanks for the tips Kokolino, anyone else have any other ideas or ways to improve it?
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I usually play priest, never cared for berserker it always seemed so gimmicky and weak to a silence. Speaking of silence I don't know if i'm the only one who runs it but I find mass dispel to be a very useful card, and the draw is nice.
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Thanks for the tips ChaosAE, anyone else have any other ideas or ways to improve it? I'll think about taking out Gurubashi Berserker and Inputting Mass Dispel.

Anyone else have any things I could add or remove?
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Drop the (2) shadow word: pain. The card can't ever trade more efficiently than 1:1 I prefer other options that when plays properly can do much better than just trade 1:1. Like a "cabal shadow priest" or any other minion with greater than 3 health. Since you can just smack it and heal away the DMG.

I know shadow word can go though taunt and is a clean kill but how many minions with 3 or less atk are so threatening that you need to devote 7% of your deck to dealing with them?
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You should have at most one Shadow Word: Pain, not two. I'm not too keen about Acolyte of Pain either. He could be useful, but even with Pyromancer combo-ing with him, he takes too much effort in this deck to be worth it. Otherwise, it looks pretty solid to me.
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Thanks for the tips joewoof and Rocuu I'm going to run with One Shadow word and see how it works, If so I'll see later about dropping both. But im glad you think my deck is solid :D, trying to think of ways to improve it still, Any more tips?
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You have 2 ancient watchers and only 3 cards that can activate them. The probability that you will have a watcher and a way to activate it in your starting hand is 2.7% if you have an ancient watcher in your starting hand the probability that you draw an activator is 11.6% an expected value of ~8 turns to draw the activator.

Looking at this you should either add more activators to your deck or remove the ancient watchers otherwise you will frequently have useless ancient watchers.
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I took out a Shadow Word: Pain and added another Ironbeak Owl doing some runs to see the consistency once again thanks Rocuu also if I take out the Ancient Watchers what should I replace them with /What cards should I add to make the watchers run more smoothly

All other tips are greatly appreciated keep em coming :D
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Any silence minion works, another sunfury protector is good, spell breaker works.
But even then your probabilities are still low, they work better with druids since druids have access to many more activators that are more flexible.

I suggest removing them and using a different minion altogether.
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Which minion do you have in mind?
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Try some Harvest Golem
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How do you beat warlocks decks... So annoying, Hmm Ill think about Adding golems but there too weak IMO compared to watchers
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Depends what the warlock is running, need to identify his deck and then adapt your decisions.

The ancient watcher has excellent stats for its cost but if it is just going to sit there and do nothing what is it really worth?

The golem is cheap, has 2 attack, 3 health so it synergies with priest heal very nicely and if it does get killed or you suicide it another 2/1 replaces it making it a difficult to remove value card.

Will it win you the game? Probably not, is it a solid card with high value for its cost? Definitely!
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Thanks again Rocuu I didn't think of it like that before, made some modifications for my deck

I removed

1 Shadow Word: Pain

2 Ancient Watchers

1 Ironbeak Owl

1 Chilliwind Yeti for

1 Acidic Swamp Ooze

1 Loot Hoarder

1 Harvest Golem

1 Mass Dispel

1 Lightspawn

Thoughts on changes or any other changes in mind? Any tips from any priest players be would be greatly appreciated :D!
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Bump for help please :3
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Even with the recent nerf I still find Nat Pagle to be a great addition to most decks, Im still new to this game tho, only rank 13 atm. Playing mostly priest/druid in ranked.
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Thanks for the tip Boss44,unfortunately i dont have him yet :(
Any others about my changes or possible modifications (additions/removals) to my deck?

I want to make my priest deck amazing :D
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I'm not sure what to tell you on how to improve your current deck because I've had to add, remove, and completely re-make my deck countless times especially once I got to 20 then 25. It all depends on finding own your play style and general and how you like to use the cards the Priest have. It seems I play this hero completely different from how some of these other guys are but ever since I re-built my deck into it's current version I have been doing really well. Despite what some of you are saying Shadow Word Pain/Death are way more worth it than you give it credit for. That's because I try and save Pain for the enemy putting down a Shin'jin Shieldmaster. 2 mana for taking out a 3-5 saves a lot of hassle. Same with Death. Being able to take out the first minions that are 5 attack and higher allows you to keep yours on the board even longer. With my deck I'm able to control the board until round 4, 5, or even 6 without even putting a card on the board. By that time I can put down a taunt then bigger cards and combos without having to worry too much about loosing them before I get to use them. I still have trouble against murlock rushes unless I draw a holy nova but when I come up against other minion and beast rush decks I'm usually able to fight them off or clear the board and then all that's left is a sad opponent with an empty hand and nothing but low cost minions lol

I call him my Unholy Priest:

2-Holy Smite
1-Inner Fire
2-Power Word Shield
2-Divine Spirit
2-Mind Blast
2-Shadow Word Pain
2-Shadow Word Death
2-Silverback Patriarch
2-Chillwind Yeti
2-Mogu'shan Warden
2-Holy Nova
1-Boulderfist Ogre
2-Lord of the Arena
1-Temple Enforcer
2-Core Hound
1-Mind Control
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