Tips To Improve My Priest Deck

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Take out Thoughtsteal, Acolyte of Pain, Faceless Manipulator, Gurubashi, Argent Commander.

Put in second Circle of Healing, second Sunfury, second Argus, second Shadow Madness and second Mind Control.

I really love Harvest Golem but since you're running both the Ancient Watcher package plus Soulpriest combo, there's no room =/

I run only the Ancient Watcher package because its both good vs. aggro and midrange/control while soulpriest is mainly for aggro decks.
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Thx JQN, I actually removed the Watchers If you looked at the above posts on updates about the deck, i Should Edit it :P
But what is your reasoning for removing the above cards?
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Bump for advice
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I think your deck looks alright, i would take out atleast one of the shadow word pains tho, add a death. they are much more valuable. maybe the berserker, but if you like him keep him. also i would add a pyromancer, it is so useful in our decks especially with things like circle of healing(do first of course so the minions dont gain health, smite, and PW:shield) thats 3 dmg to every minion and 5 to another with the smite.
heres my list and i love it, wouldnt change a thing until i get another cabal.
2x circle of healing
2x holy smite
2x power word: shield
2x northshire cleric
1x crazed alchemist
2x wild pyromancer
2x shadow word death
2x thoughtsteal
1x earthen ring farseer( the heal is nice, but the combo with auchenai is much better)
2x injured blademaster
1x shadow madness
2x auchenai soulpriest
2x holy nova
2x holy fire
1x cabal shadow priest(until i get two, dont know what to sub out yet tho)
1x cairne
1x sylvanas(if he puts out a big minion you want, put sylvanas out and shadow word death it)
1x ragnaros
1x mind control
give it a try, its really fun and pretty solid, but it takes a lot of thinking for comboes. it also does pretty well against zoo warlock decks, they dont really seem to phase this deck.
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I currently only have one Shadow Word: Pain in my deck atm, and I'll think about beserker. However, Pyromancer is a great idea! I think I might add it in I can think of some nice plays with him

Thanks Cuddlemnster for the tips, anyone else have anything they could add, advise of me to make my deck stronger or improve it?
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you should try to get/craft some cabals, they are very good, stealing a harvest golem is awesome.
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Hmm, A cabal sounds like a good idea, anything else all tips are greatly appreciated please don't be shy I'm currently Rank 15 so I would love higher rank priest to give me some tips but anyone please :D
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