What legendaries to craft for priest/mage?

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more important: ragnaros, cairne, sylvanas
then: ysera, nat pagle

why not thalnos, priest lack of usefull spelldmg makes makes him a 1600 dust loot hoarder...

you can use the above 5 in preety much all control decks, in case you find yourself not liking priest...
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Cairne is best legendary in game.
I find Deathwing to have alot of value late game but I just like the card XD
Ragnoros and Ysera and African-American Knight are also good options.

I run every single one but in order of importance would be
1. Cairne
2. Ragonoros
3. Ysera
4. Deathwing/Alextraza

For Priest specifically :)
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I recently slapped Velen in my deck just to see how he plays and he's been the MVP of a lot of games since then. I don't know what the community's take is on the card, but I was impressed with him and under-estimated his "double all the things" ability.
When i can get pyroblast dmg holy fires, awesome.

Edit: I think my deck also has Hogger, Thalnos, Cairne maybe Pagle still because whatever...I think i swapped out ysera when i put Velen in. At work currently, can't check.
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hey i play priest too, and i suggest you craft one of these.
I mean you could always get rag, but i prefer to play less played legendaries and i feel these cards have great synergy with priest

as headshot said its actually pretty good in priest decks, the battlecry isnt that bad and it makes you far a ahead

2.lorewalker cho
spell for spell OP enough said, also a good target to double health and switch attack to health buff

3.the beast
since you are a priest you can keep him alive with heal so that his deathratttle wont be an issue...

4. the priest legendary
double spell power/heal power is op

great synergy with the priest legendary and other cards...

i run a deck with all 5 of these, its really fun and actually good
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I recently crafted Lorewalker Cho and King Mukla, and I'm having great results with both of them.

Cho is pretty useless vs aggro, but he's amazing vs other control decks. I've used him to prevent other Priests from MCing my bigger legendaries, stolen valuable removal spells, forced enemies into unfavorable trades, and caused opponents to burn cards by adding a Mind Vision or PW:S to a nearly full hand. Plus, if your opponent's hand is full (possibly because you donated a crappy spell or two first), you can play whatever you want without them getting a copy.

Mukla is great against pretty much any deck. Yes, he has a generally negative battlecry, but paying 3 mana to force your opponent to spend half their turn 4 mana budget AND sacrifice a creature is usually worth it. If they CAN'T kill him, even with the bananas (such as if you coined a power word shield onto him after playing him), he functions like an Injured Blademaster. Like Cho, he can also fill up a nearly-full hand and force your opponent to lose cards, and his battlecry doesn't do anything if your opponent's hand is already full.
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