Control Warrior getting raped by Zoo Warlock

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I'm currently at rank 4 EU and this matchup is my worst by far. Like 80-90% loss.

At the moment there is no other deck I'm scared to face in the meta but this one is annoying as hell.

I think probably Im doing something terribly wrong. I dont want to change my decklist to much because it is doing very well against all other stuff you see in constructed.

So may you got some tips on how to win against this Zoo Warlocks.

my decklist:

2 Execute
2 Shield Slam
2 Whirlwind
2 Fiery War Axe
2 Slam
2 Armorsmith
2 Cruel Taskmaster
1 Wild Pyromancer
2 Shield Block
1 Acolyte of Pain
2 Frothing Berserker
1 Brawl
1 Faceless Manipulator
1 Gadgetzan Auctioneer
Cairne Bloodhoof
Black Knight
Baron Geddon
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+1 Abomination
+1 Cleave
+1 Acolyte of Pain

- 1 Gadgetzan Auctioneer
- 1 Faceless Manipulator
- 1 Wild Pyromancer (Debatable)

+1/-1 Cairne / Black Knight (Choose One)
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so i need atleast 5 leg, to do atleast 4+ ranking as warrior... p2w is such a lie..
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I wouldn't throw out gadgetzan, but adding another acolyte instead of faceless and replacing wild pyro with a cleave is something to consider.
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I think everybody gets raped by zoo, everyone except Hunters but I'm not going to ever stupe to such levels
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I want to thank you guys for the constructive feedback. I will consider adding another acolyte, cleave and maybe even Abom.

But I would love to go some more into detail. Lets talk about mulligan (only in this matchup)

Whats your opinion:

- Baron Geddon keep or not? If you can manage to get to turn 7 and drop him he can be a beast.

- Shield Block without Shield Slam

- Shield Slam without Shield Block

- Acolyte /with wirlwind / without wirlwind

What do you think would be the perfect starting Hand in this matchup.

Another question I have is the turn 3. I think in this matchup it is a good idea to play Shield Block turn 3 instead of armor up. What's your opinion on this
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Freshmeat, just my opinion and experience here, but I wouldn't keep Geddon in your starting hand. If your draw is sufficiently good - and statistically it will be good thanks to slams, acolytes and shield blocks - you will get him by turn 7 with a high enough probability to justify mulliganing the starter.

Shield Block/Shield Slam against the zoo is tempting to have, but i'd still probably try to mulligan for Fiery War Axe and Slam. Just something to play early on and give you additional chances instead of waiting in your hand.

Now, Acolyte is something I always keep but almost never play without whirlwind/taskmaster. Unless the circumstances on the board are extremely favourable.

I agree with you on the turn 3 Shield Block option. Survival and draw seem to be primary goals to me when playing against this kind of an opponent.
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You might want to consider removing the black knight and possibly some other cards to add in ironbeak owls / blood knights. Zoolocks tend to run scarlet crusaders, argent squires, ss clerics, defenders, harvest golems, etc. to efficiently trade. Silencing the buffs/death rattle and removing the divine shields should help
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