Grommash Hellscream

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Got him yesterday in a pack and as it's the only legendary card I have I'd like to make use of it. But I haven't done as well with a warrior deck as with others. So I was hoping for some advice. I have all the warrior basic cards, and the only warrior specific pack cards I have are Inner Rage, Battle Rage, and Commanding Shout.

I really want to get some use out of Grom, it's so much fun to hit him with inner rage and just go nuts.
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I've been playing around with a fairly classic warrior enrage deck, take your Frenzied Berserkers and your Amani Berserkers and your weapons and your Bloodsail Raiders and go nuts. Grom makes a nice finishing blow, Amani go up to 7/2 if you hit them with either Inner Rage or your Taskmasters, Bloodsails can be pretty ridiculous depending on your weapon (though really, ANY weapon makes them a good value)... and the best part is Warsong Commander will give any of them Charge if on your board when they are played. Because it takes effect before the buffs, even the Raider's battlecry. I also have a Gurubashi Berserker for a bigger threat.

Sprinkle in some Shield Blocks and Shield Slams if its an option. Surprisingly useful combo, that. I use Slam, been playing with Whirlwind, no executes at the moment but thinking I might want to change that... if you run a Whirlwind may want to include Acolyte of Pain. It's not a bad thing to be including in general if you want more draw.

I don't think it's all that good competitively, average at best.. but earlier today I smacked a guy in the face for 12 with a Gorehowl + Heroic Strike + Upgrade and another 11 from a Raider summoned while the Gorehowl was out plus a Rage buff. 23 in a single turn. So that was fun. :)

Main goal of warrior starting hand is to have a Fiery War Axe at the start of the game. Makes a much better start for all warriors, I'd say. Bloodsails are decent even if you haven't got a weapon, but Amani Berserkers are better if you have the choice. 5 attack is a magic number. I would say that Arcanite Reaper can stand in for Gorehowl... but nothing really stands in for Gorehowl on account of how it works. Hero power when it doesn't impair your plans too much to mitigate the damage of all the things you're face-checking. Armorsmith is potentially useful. Outside the major damage minions (Grom, berserkers aplenty, and Raiders are an obvious choice in weapon decks), just play around with what you've got available to you.
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Just look around for warrior decks or build your own. Ideally you want to play from on turn 8 with inner rage so there you go theres 3 cards in your deck.

You just need to figure out what play style you like more, super rushy aggro, mid-range or control.

Once you determine that then you are off the races just cater your deck to achieve what you are most comfortable with.

Personally I use him in a heavy control deck as a finisher with cruel taskmaster or whirlwind.

Good luck
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