Is mind control any useful?

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Just asking if it's realy any useful cause being able to completely remove any minon your oponent has and giving it to yourself in a single turn with a single card no combo whatsoever seems kinda crap.
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It's decent for grabbing opponent's win conditions or otherwise shoving a meddlesome taunt out of the way.

Worth running one, but it's too cost heavy to run two.
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I don't run any Mind Controls... works for me.
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It can be a game changer. I've MC'ed untold Rag/Ysera/DW/etc and that single card has been my saving grace on many occasions. That said, it's ten mana so I personally only use one. It's a must have in my Priest deck. Your mileage may vary, however.
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It depends on what sort of cards you have. If you don't have a great collection of priest cards, you need to run two in order to grab those legendaries and survive. The more better cards you get, the more you can phase out the mind control and simply run your own powerful stuff.
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It's nice to have one in the hand in the late game. It's great to see Ysera or Rag played when I have MC in my hand.
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I snagged a shamans healing totem just for kicks and he left the game. XD

But yea just one if you choose to run it at all.
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One MC is great late game, 2 is too much it'll be too much a risk to get one early and then have a card disadvantage.
The thing about MC is the timing, because you lose your entire turn when using it. Make sure stealing a minion doesn't leave you undefended. MC when you think you can risk not doing anything else, or when you desperately need that good taunter, or when a legendary is played that has to go no matter what (Rag for example).
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having one mc is basically like having an assassinate and a faceless manipulator all rolled into one card (funnily enough assassinate and faceless are both 5 mana, 5 + 5 = 10 mana for mc).

Great card but only run one.
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At least one (I run more only in arena play) ....Great game changing card.

I mean, make them believe you have the rank goes up, you would against a lot legendary cards which can change the game.

Good news for running a steal/control deck is you won't be much behind even you don't have much legendary (in fact, I have not legendary in my priest deck yet). I usually up against player have 3-4 legendary cards, so have t run at least one copy of MC which can change the game.

BTW, MC is the only single priest card can take care Ysera at once...(Of course, other combos well do the same job, but MC is great).
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One mind control is great; but two are too much. In Late-Game you don't have even time to use 2 mind control, since it drains all your mana. But one can save your life many many times: Especially against druid-decks: To steal an Ironbark Protector or an Ancient of War with Taunt is simply overwhelming.

For example: Today i played in round 9 an stolen Ironbark protector, he played ancient of war with taunt and an acidic ooze. In Round 10 i used Mind Control, took over the Ancient and attacked with my ironbark protector. So with the Ironbark and the Tauntancient he gave up.

Mind Control is a very strong card in the End-Game, but only 1. Like said before: the risk are too high that you get two in the early game. Getting one is not gamebreaking, but can really hurt. But getting two, then you can already give up the game.
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Yep, i keep one as a get out of jail card, saved my !@# countless times.
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I keep one in my priest deck, used it for a win on a shamans 0/2 taunt totem last night lol
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Shadow Madness and Cabal Shadow Priest does its job earlier so no point in running it anymore.
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