Shield slam efficiency

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Ive played a ton of games against warriors and there is only one card I just hate dealing with. The 1 mana cost shield slam guaranteed to hit for 2 but probabbly waaay more seeing how easy it is to stack armor on a warrior. In controll matchup you will have armor to do a bit slam for 1 in an aggro matchup you wont need much mana because the creatures you face wont have much health. I dont play the deck but this is how I feel playing against it. Any comments from decent rank controll warrior players? (tell me I'm wrong if I am).
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Every hero has a tough spell card, some have multiple good ones! warrior one needs to be build up meaning not taking any hits or combo two or more cards to gain a decent amount of armour to be anyway useful so I beg to differ.
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If it cost more you wouldn't be able to use it efficiently anyway. And it is much less dependable than... say... Fireball. And you can aim Fireball at the enemy's face, unlike Shield Slam. But yeah, if everything's going fine already it's a good card.
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Against an aggro player, the warrior isn't going to be stacking armor unless the aggro player is already losing. Shield slam is typically going to be used on the same turn as Armor Up (2 damage for 3 mana) or Shield Block (5 damage 4 mana).

It also can't hit heroes so the potential for stacking 20 armor and dealing 20 damage is irrelevant- there aren't any cards where overkilling a minion is important.
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