Is it possible to beat warlock?

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I am stuck around rank 10 and cannot beat any warlock deck I face. Giants warlock just get out too many big minions too quickly and there is simply no answer to a turn 4 twilight drake followed by mountain giants. Even with perfect hands (crazed alchemist and sw:d) the threats just multiply too quickly to keep up.

Also, the zoo deck just destroys me. It doesn't matter if I get off Holy Novas or not, by turn 5 the damage has usually been done. They just lifetap into a million more low cost creatures until I have no cards left and they have all the board presence.

Any advice? I am running a deck very similar to what Zampok posted here:
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link not working.
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possible? yes

consistently? no
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In theory you could craft a deck specifically to counter Handloc... or Murloc. I've considered doing so. The problem is that your deck would be practically worthless against anything that wasn't the deck you crafted against. I mean, I could do better against Hunter and Murloc with a few card changes, but then I'd lose even more to Druids, Warriors, Mages, Shamans, and other Priests. Though the same deck would likely work against Hunter.

Handloc wouldn't be that hard to craft against, really. Sunfury, Watcher, Owl, Spell, Argus, PW:D, Holy Fire... don't need Holy Nova, toss in your own giants, two mind controls, Sylv, maybe Rag, I doubt you need smite... probably include Yetis and Drakes and Alch, then don't load the board over much... probably include Thoughtsteal....

I'd have to look at it, but I'm sure you could craft to JUST beat that deck, but you can see, it would be garbage against virtually any other deck.
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I have a deck that consistently beats handlocks.. but it's a secret.. not revealing til i get legendary with it haha.
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just run two deaths and a big game hunter that takes care of hand locks.

For zoo your best bet is to use two ancient watchers and sunfurys.

Make sure you have two soul priests and by turn 6 just start stealing the warlocks minions to help even it out.

2 holy fires also help to keep your hp up since priests actually have crappy healing in tight situations without holy fire.
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I very rarely lose to zoo, it takes some really bad luck with card draw for me to lose. That being said, wild pyromancer is your best friend against zoo. with a pw:s, smite it takes care of the whole board usually. It is a small enough addition that it doesn't impact your performance that much against other decks, but it absolutely wrecks zoo. Sadly, I don't see nearly as many as a few weeks ago :(
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Hm okay thanks guys, I'll be sure to give these ideas a try!
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This deck does extremely well against Handlock, as in I haven't lost yet! Not as good vs. zoo but winnable. 60-40 in zoo favor =/
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I just played against a few Zoos. They usually overwhelm me up to turn 5 (unless i draw a Mind Control Tech, it really makes the difference), then I come back slowly until I kill them.

The secret? 2 Holy Novas, 2 Sunfury, 2 Abominations, 2 Wild Pyromancers, 2 Holy Fires, Baron Geddon, a Mind Control Tech, and a Cabal Shadow Priest. I think it's a bit overkill, but you never know ;)

With Hunters another funny thing happens. The perfect play would be to just have spells to kill them. I am seriously considering Mind Blasts + Valen, and that would really take care of them. The problem is not UtH, but their traps+weapon combo. Maybe 1-2 Oozes against that problem.

Funnily enough, I also somehow beat handlocks, since I run two SW:D. They usually have 4 giants and Alex. So, it's SW:D x2, Mind Control (take one giant, kill the other giant with it), plus Baron Geddon (can take care of one). Job done. Two silences in the form of Spellbreakers (for the Twilight Drakes), and The Black Knight and you're Golden. Plenty of answers for plenty of threats.
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