Ancient Watcher/Silence combo

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I was just thinking of this combo and was wondering how well it can perform.

Silence is zero mana so it's similar to a turn 2 yeti. I understand innervate is more versatile, but priests can heal and you know how annoying it can be when a priest can keep a blademaster alive.

I would still consider taking circle of healing and taunters like argus/sunfury so it doesn't become a dead card.

I don't have the cards to try this out. Not sure if anyone has already tried this or want to give it a shot.
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It's a yeti that yes costs less mana, but twice as many cards, so sometimes you'll get a silence without a watcher, watcher without a silence etc and there are already a lot of 'must haves' in a deck so four cards that could be reduced to two is kinda big. You be better going for sunfury protector combo since it at least that puts an extra body on the board when you play her.

Your point on versatility is also correct, silence might find use against mid range legends like sylv/cairne but anything beefier than that and silence wont hold up. For example you could silence a rag, but then they still have an 8/8 in play that you need to deal with. So why bother silencing it if you need to just kill it anyway.
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Try also running 2 Venture Co mercenaries, so that you can silence them to remove the debuff. :P
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03/20/2014 11:00 AMPosted by VanTrellen
Try also running 2 Venture Co mercenaries, so that you can silence them to remove the debuff. :P a good idea. I hadn't thought of that. Could be interesting to build around with silence and ironbeaks, plus ancient watchers.
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Its always fun to see taunt thrown on ancient watcher from sunfury/argus, then having it silenced to get past the taunt forgetting that now It can attack
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