Warsong Commander, Raider and Gorehowl

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So this just happened to me. Guy played a Warsong Commander, had a Gorehowl with 6 Attack left, summoned a Bloodsail Raider, which got charge (since it was a 2/3) and then afterwards received the +6 attack so I had a 8/3 with charge facing me. Then to top it off he used Youthful Brewmaster to retrieve it etc.

Sure it's a small chance to make that exact combo, but do you think a Bloodsail Raider should get the charge from the Warsong commander? Quite silly in my book that the charge goes before the buff of the weapon.
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That's technically correct for now, and probably intended, too, since the Warsong nerf happened a long time ago and Blizz hasn't changed it ever since. As for whether it's balanced... I believe it is, because you need 3 cards to pull it off, and it can't be done in one turn. For a 3-card combo that happens over 2 turns it's not that high a damage, and it's not like Warsong is currently usable or practical. It works in these niche situations, but that's about it.
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I had a warsong commander and flesheating ghoul on the field and he got charge, then after i killed like 4 of his minions i had a 7/3 charge. I assume warsong commander just works off the initial values and counts the others as buffs?
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03/20/2014 11:51 AMPosted by Citywok
warsong commander just works off the initial values
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03/20/2014 10:55 AMPosted by Phoenix
That's technically correct for now

The best kind of correct.
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My guess is that the charge mechanic takes priority over trigger and thus you get nasty combos like that. I'll have to remember this.
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They can nerf my Bloodsails after they nerf Unleash the Hounds.
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In arena I had a charging Frothing and a Wild Pyro and managed to get a 10/3 Charger, I feel bad for my opponent
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