1720 Dust Priest Deck

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Hello. Here is the deck I've used to play ranked. My current rank is 10. If you have any ideas what to replace or if something is not that good, please voice your opinions. Also, if this deck helps you to climb the ladder, good for you. Dust price might be a bit off, but should be around there.


Mind Vision
Power Word: Shield x2
Northshire Cleric x2
Divine Spirit
Shadow Word: Pain x2
Shadow Word: Death x2
Mind Control Tech
Chillwind Yeti
Sen'Jin Shieldmasta
Holy Nova x2
Azure Drake
Venture Co. Mercenary
Argent Commander x2
Sunwalker x2
Temple Enforcer
Mind Control x2
Mountain Giant


I don't really follow meta or know all the cool terms that people use these days. This deck was built by me picking cards I thought I liked and then swapping out those I didn't like or didn't work, like Shadow Madness, which I found to be a horrible card, and Lightspawn, which is a Chillwind Yeti with a drawback.

This deck also often loses to Murlocks, but I've had consistent wins against every other kind of deck. What you want to do is to establish a strong board control and card advantage, forcing the enemy to trade unfavorably. PW:S and Divine Spirit are decent early-game to make Lightwardens or Clerics soak up soft removal and force an enemy to over commit. In the mid or end game they can be used to buff up Sen'Jin or Sunwalkers.
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I can understand why you lose to aggro with this deck and as i exclusively run my ranked with priest i have a few comments that you may or may not be able to make use of.

Mind Vision: Only good late game, using this early is almost useless and even then it doesnt help much. I use to run 2, and now i don't run them anymore as more chance is not good.

Azure Drake: doesn't belong in this deck, if youre looking for draw you need to only drop your clerics when they can be worked into a combo. Add one more Thoughtsteal.

Mind Control: Great card, but 2 is 100% gearing you to endgame and if you top deck these on T1-6 you will curse the day it was born.

Mountain Giant: Weird that im seeing this in a deck that focuses on having good life throughout the game. Along with that, there is nothing to give this thing taunt which is its main combo. Add Argus or Sunfury Protector in to give this card some utility. Any other 6/6-8/8 body is better in a priest deck.

Shadow Word Pain: Think about trades, what this game is all about. Do you really want to make a 1 for 1 trade for 2 mana vs his 1-4 mana card? On top of that, you have no body on the board to make up for the lost mana.. Horrible card and a very common priest mistake. Shadow word Death is a much nicer trade which usually costs 3 and takes a 5-10 cost creature with it.

Mindgames: I used this for a long time, until i got fed up paying 4 mana for unde rcost minions that completely screws my tempo. Fun but its not for ranked play.

Divine Spirit: If your opponent has any sort of removal, you will give him a 2 for 1 trade. Generally buff cards are bad because of the popularity of hard removal. On top of that, i only see this card being used on a Senjin, which is already has too low of attack anyhow.

Tips for Aggro-Rush
There are a few other tweaks, but mostly your deck needs to be more stable with a nicer creature curve. Murlocs wont be a surprise if you add smites, and honestly i would add in Farseers (3), for a 3/3 and you heal for 3. Overall with murloc/rush you need to stall until you can wipe thier board *efficiently*. IF you wipe them they will be back so you need to hit them when the board is juicy. I make very good use of Shadow Madness which is always a 2 for 1 when used right. Once youre able to land tough minions/taunts you can begin to make trades while healing your minions.
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You have some things I hadn't considered before, but on some points I must disagree, or at least question.

Mainly, SW: Pain. True, it's always 1 for 1 trade, but it is often a card that will open up possibilities or allow you to deal with something that's otherwise difficult. Say, a Mogu'Shan or Sen'Jin. Instead of having to push through those low-attack taunts, you can remove them and trade efficiently with your other minions. It's situational, but often nice to have.

Divine Spirit, yeah, it can give your opponent a 2 for 1 if he uses hard removal. But that means he has 1 less Polymorph/Assassinate/etc. to use against your other minions - like Sunwalker, which is difficult to deal with otherwise. If he doesn't have any of those, he has to deal with a 1/6 Cleric - allowing me to draw multiple cards. Though many people have said that Divine Spirit and Inner Fire are generally not good cards in ranked, I've often used them for a great effect.

I suppose I could drop one Mind Control. I do like having one on demand in most cases, though. Very many players like to play big Legendaries, and MC'ing a Ragnaros can turn the game around in a flash. I think I'll try running with one, though.

Mountain Giant - it's the only really big card I have, and I think it's got great synergy with Clerics. Dropping a 8/8 on turn 4 or 5 is golden. It's often good for the cost and at the very least it's going to draw some fire which will be resources spent for my opponent.

Azure Drake is a card I added because I thought I needed a 5-cost body to replace the Twilight Drake I used to run. I like the draw and the spell damage is sometime useful.. however, I absolutely see your point. I could replace it with another Thoughtsteal.

Mindgames and Mind Vision are some of my favorite cards, although I've been thinking of replacing Mind Vision with another 1-drop minion, maybe an Argent Squire or something difficult to deal with early-game. Midngames, however, is amazing. I don't think I've ever drawn a bad card with it, and sometimes you get something that instantly wins you the game, like Ragnaros or simply a random 6-mana drop. I think having a chance to win the game for 4 mana is a chance worth taking.

So, in short, I can see many of your points, but I don't really agree with most of them, simply because I've had such different experience. Some pointers, though, I think are very much worth consideration, like dropping Drake, second MC and Mind Vision. Cheers for them.

EDIT: After some consideration, I've decided to drop Divine Spirit like you suggested. PW:Shields are enough buffs, I suppose, and they're cheaper and allow for a card draw.
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I got Mountain Giant mixed up with Molten so its a fine card to have in your deck. Since you will be running control, Mountain Giants are good and i would suggest 2.

As for Mindgames, its a very bad card vs any aggro-rush which is what i was mainly touching on in my post. Youll likely draw a small minion/murloc for 4 mana. Youll see a lot of rush. Though vs other control decks a mindgames can be a life saver as you said. You would change it in and out as the meta changes with ranks etc.

I still stand with my stance on SW: Pain if anything i would drop down to one. Where Senjins arent hard to break through and not many people use Mogushans. Remember these removals are useless against 4 attack minions and those are extremely popular. Its also lack-luster vs aggro-rush/zoo to be specific because its one minion out of thier myriad of minions.

For this deck i would add in some Soul Priestess'. 4 mana for a 3/4 that switches your healing to damage. This card has been a great asset to me in ranked play as i can ping 2 damage off anything i want per turn. Combos very well with Circle of Healing and Farsees (3 spot damage) as well.
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I don't have any Soul Priestesses yet, but I'd really like to try them out when I get one.

I'll drop a SW:P and try something else like you suggested, though I think I'll keep it in the long run - but we'll see how it works out. Thanks for the insights.
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