Priest with sick plays deck, current rank 5

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Priest, already a gimmicky class, this deck just extends its possibilities, u can see numerous combos that can be done with this deck. And what follows is that this deck is hard to play, not because its weak but there are a lot of possibilities with this deck, i climbed from 10 to 5 with this deck so it can definitely work. and it is increadibly fun when u pull off the plays
Northshire cleric is very important in this deck, because to pull off all the sick combos u need card draws and only cleric can help u get massive draws.

cards u dont usually see is brewmaster and darkscale healer,
without draws, u can still get back the minions,ultimately making this deck having 32 cards.
combos with shadow madness can be.... ridiculous.

ATM i really want to put in thoughtsteals while keeping the combos, but still analyzing what to take out.... perhaps someone could give an idea?
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Don't take thoughtsteal? Right off the bat you seem to be showing your faulty thinking with the line "having 32 cards".

If you could build a 32 card deck it would be strictly worse than a 30 card deck. Always. More cards in the deck is a weakness. The strength of the Brewmaster is in the early game he's a 3/2 (great) in the late game he can let you retrigger an Argus, Alchemist or Farseer.

In more practical terms the deck is pretty late game focussed, it doesn't really look like it needs card draw and Thoughtsteal is hardly amazing card draw.
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what do you mulligan here?
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Question: If (anything) Northshire Cleric is out and you play Dark Iron Dwarf on it. Then Crazed Alchemist on Northshire Cleric. What happens? 5/1 or 3/3? (and if its 3/3, do you get to keep the health? That seems very weird.)
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