First time i'm posting my deck here cause after messing around with classes and builds for some time, i think i'd stick with priest as my main for the challenge ;)

- 2x Circle of Healing
- 2x Power Word: Shield
- 2x Northshire Cleric
- 2x Lightwell
- 2x Shadow Word: Death
- 2x Imp Master
- 2x Injured Blademaster
- 2x Shadow Madness
- 2x Auchenai Soulpriest
- 2x Defender of Argus
- 2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta
- 2x Holy Nova
- 2x Holy Fire
- 2x Cabal Shadow Priest
- 1x Sylvanas Windrunner
- 1x Mind Control

Reasons for the cards i use:

1. Lightwell, Impmaster, defender, shieldmasta: my anti-aggro cards, lightwell heals (obviously) and also serves as silence bait or just bait; impmaster for the imps to kill those charge minions normally at 1hp, also gets free heal from lightwell; defender to use on them both as (a) they are low mana minions that poses little threat, so chances are they will survive till turn 4 (b) they have relatively high hp for their mana cost. Lightwell becomes 1/6, almost doubles as a mogushan warden if not silenced beforehand. If i have no minions on the board at turn 4, shieldmasta then.

2. CoH, blademaster, auchenai soulpriest: CoH + soulpriest for 4 dmg board control, CoH + blademaster for a 4/7 minion at turn 3, CoH + trades + northshire cleric = insane card draws. Just don't play soulpriest and lightwell at the same time for obvious reasons, i usually only play soulpriest turn 6 onwards anyways.

3. No sw: pain: tough against mages with their mana wyrms and water elementals, otherwise usually sufficient to rely on shadow madness and cabal shadowpriest to deal with the lesser minions. 2x sw: death is a must tho, no easier way to kill those oversized taunts and legendaries.

4. Sylvanas: I used to play cairne, but he tends to get ignored more often then i wanted, so i played this instead. Might switch for ysera or simply 1 more mind control as i see fit.

Works fine for me so far, been at rank 11-10 so far. Having difficulty against those aggro decks with insanely great starting hands, reynad's warlock deck in particular. Hunters are managable, usually able to outlive them if i manage to get 1-2 lightwells out.

Any suggestions are welcome as i'm somewhat stuck at rank 10.
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