Where can I improve my Control deck?

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Somewhat newer to playing Priest, do enjoy it. Been using just him for the last couple days. Here is what I have built right now.

2x Holy Smite
2x PW:S
2x Cleric
2x SW:P
2x Novice
2x Pyro
2x SW:D
2x Thoughtsteal
2x Earthen
2x Sen'Jin
2x Holy Nova
2x Abomination
1x Faceless
2x Holy Fire
1x Velen
1x Rag
1x MC

Goal is to basically stall and control the board until I can create an advantage. Pyros and Abominations help keep the board clear and bait out resources. Deal damage where capable, heal when capable, steal/copy at best opportunity.

I have hit a wall at rank 11. I'm about 45% since then, according to my records. Where can I improve the deck, what are the best ways to play it?

Already looking to eventually add Sylvannas and Cairne, who else should I be looking at?
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Well.. You Seem spell intensive maybe a gadgetzan auctioneer to bring in some card draw to keep the ball rolling.
That would allow you to drop the novices for some light wardens.
I like rag, but for your deck velen doesn't have much value.

What do you really plan to do with velen? Rag and tas dingo are the meatiest things in your deck. If you had some injured blade masters or mogushan wardens or better yet soulpriests I could see his value. Without those cards he is kinda dead weight.
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I was starting to wonder how much I was actually getting out of Velen from playing with him. Basically felt like a 7-cost resource magnet.

I was thinking of adding the Blademasters once I craft them. Velen and the Soulpriests would be a nice combo, but does anyone actually allow them to stay on board together? It would also be for basically 4-ping for 2-mana, because using my Holy's would gank me for double damage as well.

My worry about Gadgetzan is that he comes out so late, and Priest spells aren't that cheap. By the time he's out, seems like he would get ganked rather quick without much card swing. Maybe if I swap in some Inner Fire and the double health card?

How fast do the Lightwardens normally get dealt with once they hit the board? Seems like it'd be a quick target against Priest.
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Just my views:

2x Holy Smite -----change to shield, Pyro + shield is much better than play 2x Holy Smite,better AOE dmg, great help in early game.

2x Abomination ? What do you want to do with them, totally no idea...

How could you play a control deck with no shadow priest ?

2x Earthen....who you want to heal if you don't have injure BL? Yeti is almost auto in for all well work priest deck....no reason to give up them.

I really like crazed alchemist, it work very good with Pyro.

1x Velen ------1x Rag

choose one of them...I am running Velen instead of Rag, because I do run a copy of Mind Blast with it....RAG is good too, but I don't like random targeting.

Key point, No control deck if running no shadow priest, so important to the deck. This deck lack of drawing, only depend on cleric to draw is a bad idea.

End note: currently running around 13 Rank with priest only play. Wasn't very good yet, but running petty well for using control, steal, slow play deck.

about half of time I did not kill them, but I in fact make them run out of all cards.
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Already have Shield in, and yeah, PW:S with Pyro is excellent for wiping cheapos. Same time, Smite with Pyro can also serve to clear a 3-HP minion and any 1-HP buddies it may have. Using it to spot clean Knife Jugglers is also handy, I found.

Abomination is fantastic board clear. If they don't burn resources on it, it's a 4/4 Taunt that will often trade up or close to wipe their board.

Soulpriests are odd to me, because it negates any healing to basically give you a 2-ping. It's not like Priest has a ton of independent healing cards that suddenly become damage beasts, meanwhile, can't heal self while active. Maybe I just don't understand it's proper usage, though.

Debating whether or not I'm going to keep Velen. Might add Mind Blast and Blademaster if I do. Don't think I'm going to drop Rag, though.

Where can Priest really add card draw here? Azures? Should I be looking to add more Taunt?
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Soulpriests are very powerful. Great against aggro decks, particularly when comboed with Circle of healing (which in turn also combos well with Cleric and Blademaster).

Soulpriests will also combo with the Earthens that you have in your deck, effectively making them mini Fire Elementals! You’ll also find that it acts as a soft taunt, as opponents are often desperate to remove it.

I agree with you about Abominations. Mine is an anti-aggro deck, and Abom has stopped my opponent in his tracks on numerous occasions.

As for Velen, I would definitely remove him. One of the (if not the) weakest class legendaries in the game.

For card draw, personally I rely on Cleric and PW:S: these normally suffice. I would love to add Thoughtsteal, but I can’t fit it in right now.
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Don't run more than 1 abomination.

Change senjin to yeti.

Change novice to loot hoarder.

Remove velen.

Playing so many SWD and SWP would make me crazy. I would play 1 SWD and no SWP.

Only play the thoughtsteal if your collection isn't very good, such that you expect their cards to be better than the other cards you could put it.

This would free up from 2-7 cards. The healing circle soulpriest combo is good.
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The light wardens are great cards. Played right they can win the game or be very annoying they are definitely a high priority target that demands removal. What more do you want from a 1 drop?

It's easy to say that your opponent will just gank something, anything that's good will be that way. However if you have enough cards that demand removal your opponent will eventually run out of removal..

Also playing two large threats the same turn can be a way to screw your opponent, forcing them to choose which one they want to remove that turn. Light warden is great here because it will often be on the lower priority bracket when dropped with say velen or rag but a holy nova the next turn can easily proc +6-8 atk for the warden to smash face with.
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Soul Priests are too stronk. As mentioned above, using them with circle of healing and farseers is insane, but you shouldn't underestimate that 2 dmg from the hero power at all. It makes it semi-broken.
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After you guys input, I will definitely be running the Soulpriest soon. I guess the aim is to not have a lot of other minions on board with it on my side? Would negate getting them burned up by CoB, right?

What am I missing about the Shadow Words? I tend to think they are useful, being able to pick off annoying twerps like the Knife Juggler or Murloc Warleader, and I have used a ton of them to pick off Rag, Geddon, etc. Becomes even more versatile with the Alchemists.
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What am I missing about the Shadow Words? I tend to think they are useful, being able to pick off annoying twerps like the Knife Juggler or Murloc Warleader, and I have used a ton of them to pick off Rag, Geddon, etc. Becomes even more versatile with the Alchemists.

They are useless a lot. Some people only play small guys, some people only play big guys. When they work it is great but when you draw one and it does nothing ... pretty bad.
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They can occasionally sit there and do nothing, sure. I haven't run into many that just run all of one or the other, though, and these let me save my minion trading for those jerk 4-drops. Also, get around Taunt and Divine Shield. Just my reasoning, though
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It isn't that they are specifically bad. They are decent cards. It turns into a matter of personal preference.
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What range you are in? are you facing a lot of board control problem ?

healing circle + soulpriest clear up both side, I don't feel I need that.

Most game I lose it not because I lose the board but hit by powerful one round combo.
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I have a pretty similar deck to yours, OP. Sitting on Rank 10 and 5 stars atm...

I would
- 1 thoughtsteal
- 2 senjin

+2 Auchenai Soulpriest
+1 Defender of Argus

CoH and Injured Blademasters would work really well in this deck... but I'm not too sure what you want to take out for it
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