Greetings fellow Priests! As guessed by the thread name, I'm looking for ways to improve my relatively low-budget Priest deck. I'm currently ranked 16 in Ranked, and although I'm not yet stuck here, I would like to improve my game.

Here is the current iteration of my deck, named the "MindF**k Priest" deck.
*Denotes cards I'm not insanely happy with

1x Holy Smite(1)
2x Mind Vision(1)
2x Power Word: Shield(1)
1x Lightwarden(1)*
2x Northshire Cleric(1)
1x Wild Pyromancer(2)
2x Shadow Word: Death(3)
2x Thoughsteal(3)
1x Injured Blademaster(3)
2x Shadow Madness(4)
2x Defender of Argus(4)
2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta(4)
2x Spellbreaker(4)
2x Holy Nova(5)
1x Venture Co Mercenary(5)*
2x Holy Fire(6)
1x Sunwalker(6)
1x Temple Enforcer(6)
1x Mind Control(10)

I have recently made the change from using Shadow Word: Pain to using Shadow Madness, and although I haven't played many games since doing so, my initial thoughts are positive. Currently, the two main cards I'm really thinking about replacing are the Lightwarden and the Venture Co. Merc.

The Lightwarden has on occasion, snowballed me into a win if I play her early and the enemy doesn't get rid of her fast enough, but more often than not she is useless unless played as early as possible. She works best against warlocks, allowing me to heal them and increase her damage quickly.

The Venture Co. Merc, while a powerhouse, seems a bit.. stale in his usage. He either dies right away or is sheeped/hexed - sometimes he's useful and he smashes in their face, though.

As for Mind Vision/Thoughtsteal, I'm well aware of their randomness - and generally, randomness is bad. However, more often than not, they have proven to be very useful. I've stolen Ragnaros (Then MC'd the one played), Ysera, Sylvanas, and a few other legendaries, not to mention flamestrikes, fireballs, etc. Occasionally I get crap cards, obviously, but more often than not, I benefit. Plus, they're just so fun! I really do not want to get rid of either of them, as they are some of the most fun cards out there. I feel that the priest would more bland without them.

As for my budget.. when I say low budget, I mean low budget. I currently have 30 dust sitting around for crafting, with few cards I'm willing to disenchant to get more. I do have a few spare neutral epics sitting around that might work well in this deck, and these include:

1x Doomsayer(2)
1x Big Game Hunter(3)
1x Faceless Manipulator(5)

I've tried the BGH before, and I've honestly had more usage out of Shadow Word: Death than him.. so I brought those cards back.

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