Help with deck please

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I'm currently stuck at rank 15 and I'm out of ideas on how to improve. Idea of the deck is to have ok board position thru turn 4 and then get good trades with my high health minions.

x2 Circle of Healing
x1 Silence
x2 Holy Smite
x2 Shadow Word: Pain
x1 Acidic Swamp Ooze
x2 Frostwolf Grunt
x2 Sunfury Protector
x1 Shadow Word: Death
x2 Harvest Golem
x2 Scarlet Crusader
x1 Shattered Sun Cleric
x2 Auchenai Soulpriest
x2 Chillwind Yeti
x2 Holy Nova
x1 Abomination
x1 Azure Drake
x1 Cabal Shadow Priest
x1 Cairne Bloodhoof
x1 Sylvannas Windrunner
x1 Ragnaros

Aoe: Holy Nova, Abomination, Soulpriest + circle.

Silence is a good card to take out deathrattles, minion buffs/debuffs, and taunts.
If I don't use circle for aoe, I can use it to heal my minions and use the extra mana to heal myself.

Took out Clerk because her board presence is minimal. 1/3 isn't killing anything and by turn 2 / 3 most people have something that can take it out. It also slows down the game for me because instead of using my 2 and 3 drops I have to heal clerk for a card. By turn 4 that extra card is meaningless because my opponent has a better board.
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Personally I would take out the frostwolf grunts and silence. I never like to put in silence in any of my decks because you are committing yourself to use 2 cards for 1 of theirs. From the looks this deck looks very aggressive for a control priest. You may want to consider putting in a 2nd SW:death and maybe a BGH since you have no mind control against the late game. I would think giantlocks would stomp all over you with your current set up. I don't see any card draw other than drake, which seems kind of random in this deck (still a good card so meh). Might want to consider power word shield or acolyte of pain if you don't like cleric.

Edit: some upgrade suggestions:
frostwolf grunt -> Ancient Watcher (otherwise no real reason for sunfury protector in the deck. Plus if you really want to keep your slience will have a secondary use here)
yeti -> Twilight Drake (or if you have room put both in)
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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll put in the Watchers and also a Defender and see how that goes. I'll also put in the second death and a bgh.

sunfury: good 2 drop at 2/3 and the taunt helps me survive against direct atks from murlocs and hunters.

Twilight Drake: I'm finding that my hand size isn't big enough to get max value out of drake. Since I trade minions I usually play cards every turn. That's how I get card advantage and I'm not sure how else you're supposed to play priest.
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You also might want to consider Injured Blademaster. He works really well with Circle of Healing.
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