Warrior deck help

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well, in constrast to the 8 other classes, I fail to create a good Warrior deck, so I need your help :)

My card pool: http://pho.to/53lgY
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I will Write you up a deck- I don't have any legendaries and can get to rank 14 with my warrior deck. give me 10 mins
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This is a Deck that works with rushing your opponent or waiting till round 4-5 if you want.

Look into crafting a Faceless manipulator epic 5 cost- very good card

I use virtually the same deck and it works very well for me.

Armor smith
cleave x2
heroic strike
Slam x2
cruel task master (or another execute)
Youthful brewmaster
shield block
Acolyte of pain x2
Frothing berserker
Mind control Tech
Arathi weaponsmith
Arcanite Reaper x2
Dark iron Dwarf
Defender of Argus x2
Spell breaker
Argent commander x2
Kor'kron Elite x2
Silver hand night

Good luck!
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Ok, Thanks.
Gonna test it ^^

hmm. I need
2x Slam
2x Defender of Argus
1x Argent commander
1x Sunwalker

Anything i could put in instead?
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myke, your deck just seems to be a bunch of cool cards thrown together with no real synergy. i wouldnt recommend it if you're looking to make good rankings.

bordeaux, i used this deck to achieve rank 4 last season. it's a strong deck if played correctly.


its a very cheap deck. from the looks of it, you need 2 shield slams, a brawl, 2 slams, 1 cruel taskmaster, 1 azure drake, 1 harvest golem, and 2 acolytes of pain.

you can replace the second argent commander in the deck with baron geddon. it's a very solid card in the warrior deck.

brawl isnt that essential in the deck, but it's nice. you could replace it with hogger if you wanted to (hogger isnt the best but hes a fun card to play), but id recommend either a cleave or another argent commander.
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Hello all,

Sauerkraut12, Very good advice there. U have a nice War control deck.
I wish i could build it like that but im new at this and i don't have all those fancy crafted cards... yet.
I like the War deck but i'm only level 8 and i'm getting my !@# kicked by every class. I want to level my War deck, but i haven't found a mechanic that works well with basic cards.
Can u advise on a good War starter deck until i get more dust to make some decent cards?
I tried a charge/taunt creatures deck but i can't seem to make it.
Would a charge/card draw mechanic work better?

I have: 1 inner rage; 2x execute; 2x whirlwind; 2x fiery war axe; 2x cleave; 2x heroic strike; 1 rampage; 2x taskmaster; 2x charge; 2x shield block; 2x warsong commander; 2x korkron elite.
I also have 1x acoyte of pain and 1x azure drake.

Any advice on a good synergy deck with basic cards would be appreciated.

Lok'tar Ogar!
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Thanks Sauer, but the 2x shield slam is 800 dust already.
And I want to save my dust for legendaries :)
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if you're looking to make rankings, get your core cards before legendaries. they don't do much to increase your ranking unless a. you know how to use them and b. you have every single one that you need.

if you want legendaries, then @#%**#@@ around and make silly fun decks. you won't be able to progress much with what you have in your card pool.
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Well, I have decided to get Ysera, Ragnaros, Grommash and Tirion.
I have a higher chance of randomly getting shield slam than Grommash.

Warrior isn't the deck I will go into rankings with if it were the case, I just want to make the best of what i've got, to do daily quests, and have fun.
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