Why I Dread Fighting UtH Hunters

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This is not a complaint. This is not a call to nerf. This is simply me pointing out why UtH is one of the most annoying cards in the entire game.

On its own, it's weak. It's a little bit of damage. But when combo'd, it becomes absolutely devastating to a majority of the decks the average player will face. It's hard to prevent, hard to predict, and terrifyingly versatile.

Throw it out with a Starving Buzzard on the field, and it becomes a card drawing machine.

Throw it out with any +attack minion (Dire Wolf, Alpha Wolf, Beast Companion) and those 1/1 hounds double in strength, if not more depending on what they have for support.

Throw out a minion that gets buffed from friendly (or any minion) dying, and their suicide charge leaves it alone on the field and a drooling rage machine. (Scavenging Hyena, anyone?)

It's an AOE: 1 or 2 damage to everything your opponent has placed.
It's focused fire: 3 of them can essentially become a 2 mana fireball. Or a more precise Arcane Missile. Take out minions or go straight for the face.

It's instant: you can use them the same turn they're played. Heck, blow them all up, play a second card and do it all over again. (Because after the first wave gives you 3+ cards draw, of course the 2nd card is in there. Naturally.)

It's obscenely cheap for the utility, flexibility, convenience, synergy, and immediacy.

A well-played hunter can punish you no matter what you play, as has been pointed out many times before. Stay smart, play one card? Risk losing it to Kill Command or Deadly Shot. Get ambitious, play 3 cards? Here come the dogs of hell....

And that is why I dread Unleash the Hounds. Because it syncs up with too many other useful cards and is almost gamebreakingly versatile for what it does. I actually miss the old version....
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Yes, UTH is very versatile, however it's also a reactive card. The Hunter's opponent, you in this case, actually have control over UTH more than the Hunter does, since it relies on your board position. So if you're playing another aggro deck like Murlocs go ahead and flood the board, ignoring UTH since you can power through it. If you're playing a mid-range/control deck just drop a few hard to deal with minions and play the waiting game, UTH, even with Buzzard+Timber Wolf(the most typical combo) won't do all that much against 2 Yetis on the board. Also, face rush Hunters don't run Deadly Shot, so it's just 2 Kill Commands that can actually get rid of your Yetis and they can't play them on the same turn they're UTHing so it's either 1 additional Hound or a Kill Command. So while UTH is indeed very versatile, it's also very fragile and gives you a great variety of options to deal with it or ignore it altogether if you so choose since they're just 1/1 minions after all(2/2 at most if buffed with Timber Wolf). Also don't forget that it takes 3 cards and 5 mana for the full Buzzard+UTH+Timber Wolf combo so it can't be played too early in the game and it does require the Hunter to draw all 3 pieces, which is far from guaranteed by turn 5-7.
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Unleash the hounds is a hard card to deal with for sure, you have to play really smart and neither flood the board with minions nor play too few and pass on you're advantage. I've grown to love the card because it forces me into those marginal, pray to god type decisions which are the essence of good strategy and nail biting play.

As previously mentioned , the card Is not too hard to deal with on its own and it leads into one of those interesting balance decisions as to whether or not nerf a card that frustrates many players even though it would kill a class and isn't really a problem at the highest level.
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I always combo UTH with scavenging hyena in my beast deck. Nothing like suiciding 4 hounds and a couple of 2/1 mobs to buff my hyena to a beasly 12/10
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03/29/2014 12:27 PMPosted by Jberry0410
I always combo UTH with scavenging hyena in my beast deck. Nothing like suiciding 4 hounds and a couple of 2/1 mobs to buff my hyena to a beasly 12/10

Also nothing like seeing that very same Hyena die the following turn to an Assassinate, Shadow Word: Death, Siphon Soul, Big Game Hunter, etc. All that work for nothing. Heck, even without a hard removal card your opponent can just silence it to bring it back to its original, very nonthreatening, size.
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