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Style: Semi boardcontrol, OTK
Cost: Medium, no legends, two epic, four rare


Execute 2
Whirlwind 2
Fiery war axe 2
Battle rage 2
Slame 2
Armorsmith 2
Bloodsail raider 2
Cruel taskmaster 2
Shield block 2
Acolyte of pain 2
Blood knight
Frothing Berserker 2
Harvest golem 2
Warsong commander 2
Arathi weaponsmith 2

Warrior miracle deck, trying to draw almost the entire deck looking to get a hand of gorehowl+warsong commander+both bloodsail raiders.
Like rogue miracle this deck have a risky setup turn, the gorehowl has to be played on a turn before to have enough mana to play the potential OTK combo.

It has good potential to fight for the board and even if get behind alittle on board it has enough armor-gain to get chance at performing the "miracle"

I think this deck is fairly strong against the meta and easy to play, it acts and plays to a start as a control warrior so if you familiar with that deck you should do fine. Opponents tend to play unhealthy aggressive thinking it control warrior, also it good potential to get the burst successfully as most think they safe outside the range of Grommash+enrage against warriors.

Feedback would be great and let me know if seen almost the same deck before, because even tho warsong+bloodsail with weapon buff is one of the oldest warrior combos I can only remember it as part of rush decks.
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I ran something similar for awhile, except I also had Raging Worgen, Grommash, Amani Berserker, and Gurubashi Berserker.. all of which could be brought in with haste and buffed easily to do a lot of damage. I had a couple of Brawls too.

It was pretty good at doing around 9-16 burst damage out of nowhere (and sometimes upwards of 24), but the hard part was getting them to the point where that was enough. If I got early drops, and they survived long enough to do any damage, and there weren't a lot of taunts played, I could usually pull it off.

Unfortunately, it's kinda weak to aggro, as you generally have to be at least to 7 mana before you start dropping combos. Brawl helps, but they get a lot of damage in the meantime, and the modern aggro (esp. Warlock) usually can replenish quickly. Not to mention the abundance of taunts in Warlock Zoo really limits you, as do any of the traps in most Hunter builds.

Still, it was worth it for the one time I played a 24-health Druid who got me to 1 health with an empty board and spammed "Well Played" over and over.. he was pretty pissed when the two 6/3 hasted windfury minions came out of nowhere to wipe him out :)
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Well, I mean if you have to set-up Gorehowl..it's not really OTK. Why not just Alexstraza and then equip Gorehowl, that's 15 damage.
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You right about the not really OTK, but the nice thing with Gorehowl is that it both is a board control weapon and a high health opponent view it at such, not really worring or expecting it to be used on there face.
Alexstraza is a turn by itself, that really slow and opponent get to see it comming far ahead.

Gorehowl 7 + two charged Bloodsails = 25 dmg

Also Warsong + 2 bloodsail = 7 mana, so there room for add something, like a whirlwind and two executes to kill a taunt wall.

But control warrior is a stronger deck and if like "miracle" one should of course go with the rogue original, I feel this deck copy the carddraw well and that the 3 card combo of this is as strong as the leeroy+cold blood + (cold blood or shadowstep to play leeroy again) but Miracle rogue is of course more then just carddraw and a high dmg charge combo.

Last and least, this warrior deck defently take damage from the opponent knowing about it, so even if people would have success with this deck and it would become popular, it would have a very short lifespan.
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Well let's see, the most this could draw in it's set-up turn is...about 7 cards assuming you are holding both Whirlwinds for this exclusive purpose but that's at 10 mana, at 6 you could draw 3. The maximum card draw is great, but it's a lot slower than Miracles.

There's also the issue of no reach thru taunt so if say they manage to survive the rush and drop 2 Molten Giants with Taunt, you have no way of finishing off the last sliver health. I think Mortal Strikes could work in this deck as pseudo-eviscerates which are always at least combo'd but cost more. Maybe even Heroic Strikes since you are using only 7 mana on the Finisher with double Bloodsail-Warsong w/ readied Gorehowl, I'm pretty sure it's the most damage you can fit into 3 mana as Warrior without making the combo unwieldy (3-4 cards is the key number, I've noticed 5 even with a much higher draw chance is just too difficult to pull off, Priest OTK for the record. Stormwind Knight+Power: Shield-Divine-Divine-Inner Fire, 28 on a clear board).

The issue really is just how slow the combo is. At most going off on Turn 8 but you are unlikely to have the cards, which means the match-up vs. Control will suffer compared to Miracle Rogue with it's 7 mana Finisher.

Zoo would obviously be a really bad match-up, Handlock would be rough but actually better than C.Warrior I think. Burst Shaman would be bad since they have two Finisher activations with a really strong board presence. Secrets Hunter I think could be good, but you'd have to play around Freezing Trap/Misdirection HARD. Facerush is free wins as Warrior. Control Pally would be similar to Handlock but actually harder due to their steep Legendary climb, locking out Molten Giants is pretty huge, if it's Watcher Giant, good !@#$ing luck, and you know, Tirion. Probably still a better match-up than C.Warrior vs. C.Pally. This deck's worst match-up is probably Control Warrior, can't see it winning even with a perfect draw honestly.
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Thank you, well writen post.

Actually I have found druid to be its worst matchup, it extremly bad at dealing with innervated 4-5 drops, the fiery war axe is not enough and the normaly high health of 3-4 don't mean much.

Anyway, it was a first draft, I had some success with it in EU legend first but lately the conditions for the draw power has been hard to meet.
I have ideas for new versions of this, and also some takes on other classes typical decks.
I will be back...! :)
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