Ok, feel free to pull this to shreds and optimize it, I know you will, and I know its far from perfect. It is simply the deck i made my self that makes me happy :)

2 fiery waraxe
2 cleave
2 bloodsailraider
2 loot hoarder
2fleasheating ghoul
2frothing berserker
2cult master
2arcanite reaper
2 sunwalker
1 deathwing

The basic idea is that I have great early game control, and most rush decks (and others) find them selves making very bad trades. as more trades happen, it feeds my berserker my ghoul, and cult master. these threats plus my control minions act as massive removal magnets while still getting some damage down. in the late game onyxia runs out and eats up the last of the CC, then its death wing and upgraded arcanite reaper for the win.

its not top tere, but I was stuck in 18-15 and am now sitting happy at 11.

ok, let me have it 3:)