Hunter Midrange/Control?

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04/04/2014 09:51 AMPosted by Peripatetic
04/04/2014 05:12 AMPosted by OwlRaider
Don't get me wrong, I didn't criticize your concept, just found it amusing that a deck that contradicts itself in theory does actually work in practice, quite nicely too.

I didn't take it as criticism or you bashing my deck. The points you raised are quite valid, and I'm of the opinion if you can't really explain a card choice you should probably rethink it. The only reason I mentioned sounding defensive was because I didn't want you to think I was pulling a three monkeys when it comes to my deck.

I do agree with you it's amusing.

What you said however does make me wonder if this deck could be done without the legendary bruisers. I doubt I could turn this into a pauper deck but a budget one certainly. I'll have to think on that.

As I said, Alexstrasza is definitely out of place in this deck, so you can(and should) certainly be able to do well without her. As for King Krush, he's a decent finisher but nothing game breaking, so you can make do without him either. This deck will never be a pauper equivalent as Pauper in MTG uses commons only, so that pretty much leaves you with a basic/extremely tight budget deck in Hearthstone terms, which means you're deck will be very different. However it can certainly function well as a semi-budget deck without any legendaries, only a few epics and some rares. Hunters just don't have enough good class minions to truly supplement your deck, which is why most Hunters rely on UTH so heavily. So if you're going to replace Alexstrasza and King Krush I wouldn't count on any fat minions to replace them, I mean you can always use War Golems or Boulderfist Ogres but those are extremely sub-par and shouldn't really be used. Also, considering that your entire experiment revolves around playing Hunter control like Warrior control, just with the hero power and damage spells instead of the Alex into Grom combo than I'd think you could focus on more board control/tempo cards. 1 option to consider is x2 Freeze Trap instead of your 2 legendaries, as they'll help you build tempo and delay your opponent for a few more turns, giving you a few more turns to use your hero power to get those last few points of damage in. Other cards you can use as delaying tactics are taunt minions, Sunwalker in particular thanks to his divine shield and decent 4/5 body. You can also use Harvest Golems(probably replacng 1 Faceless Manipulator 1 Big Game Hunter) for a stronger early game and forcing your opponent into bad trades.
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I wouldn't count on any fat minions to replace them.

Yeah easier said than done. It’s a shame that none of the giants lend themselves well to this play-style. Harvest Golems would be a perfect fit and between 1X BGH, 1X FM, Hunters Mark and Deadly Shot I don't think you'd have ego worry unduly about fatties or legendaries.

There might be a less obvious to replace King Krush and Ragnaros. I would never consider this card but he might fit just right here. The deck is already light on minions most of them are low cost. Faceless is a five mana cost but he lingers around your hand waiting for a late game epic. So he’s more playable around turn eight. What about Venture Co Mercenary? Put two copies in place of KK and Rag, he’s not easy to remove, and our opponent might be reluctant to remove him anyway considering he is completely counterintuitive to 99% o Hunter decks.

It's an insane idea but with this deck so far that's just par for the course.
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Venture Co Mercenary can work, but I think you missed my point about fatties in the context of your specific deck that tries to play Hunter control like Warrior control. The way Warrior control works is to deal 0 damage to your opponent all game long, just kill his minions, keep the opponent's board clear and stall, than when you have Alex and Grom in hand play them in consecutive turns Alex into Grom and win. This play style at its core doesn't include any other fatties besides Alex and Grom, though many control Warrior decks unnecessarily overload themselves with a bunch of legendaries that don't have any synergy with their deck like Rag, Cairne, Ysera, etc. Due to the fact that Grom is a Warrior class legendary rather than neutral, Hunters don't have access to him, and due to Grom being such a key piece of the combo no other class can truly pull the control Warrior way. Still, you insist on trying to mimic it as much as a Hunter can, which is why I mentioned that although Alex is crucial in the Warrior version, without Grom you can't pull that combo anyway and no other card can truly replace Grom as no other card has that damage potential, the most would be 10 for Deathwing or 8 for most other fatties, nowhere near the necessary 15.

Thus, as a Hunter trying to mimic the Warrior style, considering the differences in hero power, I suggested the same board clearing and stalling approach, just with consistent Hunter damage with Steady Shot and the occasional minion rather than waiting for the killer combo, which Hunters simply don't have. And no, in this context, UTH won't cut it since you're consistently clearing your opponent's board. This last sentence wasn't aimed at you Peripatetic but rather at everyone else who will find my previous sentence as blasphemy considering all the hatred about UTH. That's why I mentioned that no legendary will be able to fill the role Alex does in Warrior control, thus you shouldn't replace them with fatties but rather cards that will help you achieve your own goal of slow consistent damage with the same board control and stalling.
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Well, the quest to make this a budget deck I'm giving up on, however I've made a couple of changes.

I was getting to late game situations where I was one or two turns away from a win and I was neck and neck with my opponent. Often I had a Savannah Highmane in my hand while they are often spell bate in a win station they might as well not exist. I've swapped them out for Sunwalkers and have found great success with them. They are just as much silence bate but can also save you late game.

I also switched out Ragnaros for Ysera, While I like Ragnaros for his damage I'm working on keeping RNG to a minimum and with the exception of Laughing Sisters Ysera's cards usually change the balance of power, especially if you need an AoE board wipe. Also since you can't heal yourself easily as a hunter having a game tip card is nice.

Anyway this is what it looks like now.

I played about 15 matches with this a could days ago, and It went 13 of 15. It might be because it's so odd that it works but a win is a win. Also I've played a lot of UTH decks in the past few days, their rage is alms palpable. I've driven some of them into timer jerks (waiting till the fuse is about to blow up,) they should know better I'm playing a control deck I've got all the patience in the world.
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