No Taunt Druid Deck

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I recently created a no-taunt druid deck and it works quite well against both control and rush decks (currently rank 6)

2 X Innvervate
2 X Wrath
2 X Claw
2 X Faerie Dragon/ Swamp Ooze
2 X Harvest Golem
2 X Earthern Ring Farseer
1 X Big game Hunter
2 X Swipe
2 X Keeper of the Grove
1 X Leeroy
2 X Azure Drake
2 X Druid of the Claw (almost always used as charge)
2 X Starfall
1 X Faceless Manipulator
2 X Boulder fist Ogre
1 X Ancient of Lore
1 X Ancient of War
1 X Ysera

The objective of the deck is to bring the opponent down to 15-20 health in the first 4-5 turns.

After that if you are in Leeroy/ Druid of the claw range, you can finish with either Leeroy/ Faceless/ DoTC combo plus claw

The early drops ensure you always have control against rush decks while the removal spells prevent opponent from overwhelming you.

Having minions constantly chip away at the opponents health is critical, so you don't trade but keep your minions alive until you get a favorable trade or the opponent expends their low-cost minions/ spells to trade
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Yeah, Beatdown druid deck is something I'd really love to make work consistently.
I'm usually in big trouble when I don't have enough tempo from early game, yet you don't actually have much early game there and even a lot of mana hungry cards at the end (my most expensive card in the deck is 6 mana currently).

How do you make it all work? And how you deal with enemy taunts?
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You have a 20% chance of getting a 2/3 draw in your first card ... and progressively higher after that.

Further, if you get your hands on an innervate/ coin - you can bring out a 4/4 druid of the claw or a 6/7 ogre which jeopardizes the opponents position (almost certainly polymorphed or hexed) but that's fine - since your big mana guys then control the game for you in later game.

The flexibility it affords because of a balanced mana distribution means you can efficiently win both early and late game. The faceless manipulator since I will replicate the likes of Grommash/ Raganos/ etc.
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Fun deck. Works very well. Almost always gets beat by a giant lock deck though. I hate those.
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Also, why not trade Cairne for a Boulderfist?
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I don't have resources for a cairne, hence the boulderfist.
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