my re done control deck.

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So I have been struggling with a couple cards in my deck and im trying to figure out how i should tinker with my deck.

Shield slam: I had 2 of these but I removed one. Sometimes this card is dead and you cant play it. Im thinking about removing this card from my deck.

Yeti: I had one of these but if you get this card late it kind of blows. He just stands there. I replaced him with azure drake, and it is better than yeti.

2 fiery war axe. I had two of these but I took one out. Too many times it felt like a dead card late game.

Now im thinking about implementing 2 injured blademasters since they work well with armorsmith, and berserkers. Heres my deck now.

2x execute
1x owl
2x whirlwind
1x fiery war axe
2x armorsmith
2x acolyte of pain
2x earthen far seers
1x shield slam ( thinking of putting blademaster for this)
2x shield block
2x frothing berserker
2x slimy oozes
1x big game hunter
2x brawl
1x azure drake (thinking of replacing with 2nd injured blademaster)
1x cairne
1x gorehowl
1x alextrasza
1x ysera
1x grommash

I like the idea of blademasters in this deck. They can buff up berserkers or can give armor from armorsmith. I could also heal them with far seers making them 4/6 on turn four. Other legendary cards I have but I dont use are rag, sylvanas, deathwing, illidan. What would you do?
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Shield Slam is friggin amazing, what is wrong with you.
Also, Rag>Ysera. Always. Ysera is honestly pretty lackluster.
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Rag is kind of a loose cannon. I like ysera because of the cards, massive body. Plus against priests ysera is a good target for mc. I would rather deal with ysera than rag if they mc. If you get two cards out of ysera than she has done very well for you.
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You don't want to base any combos around healing unless your priest or pally. I personally prefer auctioneers to drakes just because warriors have a lot of cheap spells, and usually I can put him out turn 6 or 7 and draw a few cards.

Heres some things you might try and why


Earthen x2: doesn't really fit
Oozes x2: too situational, maybe keep if you play a lot of warriors
Azure x1: I think auctioneers work better here. Drakes are awesome tho
Ysera: I find her too


Fiery axe x1 : having 2 of these is vital to countering early threats.
Auctioneer x2 the draw is just super helpful to fish for your finishers
Cruel taskmaster x2. Good early drop with a lot of synergy with his ability
Inner rage x1: buff for grommish, cheap way to draw with auctioneer
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