Craft which 2 warrior epics?

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Hi there.

I could use some help deciding on which two epics to craft next. I don't have any warrior epics right now, so Brawl, Gorehowl or Shield Slam.

My deck is looking like this atm:

Inner Rage
Execute (2), Whirlwind (2)
Cleave (2), Rampage, Slam (2), Ooze (2), Amani Berserker (2), Cruel Taskmaster, Sunfury Protector (2)
Shield Block, Acolyte (2), Frothing Berserker (2)
Mortal Strike
Arcanite Reaper (2), Azure Drake (2)
Grommash, Ragnaros

I can't really evaluate if this deck is good or bad, since I rarely play ranked. It performs quite nicely against pals who usually smash my other decks, so maybe it's halfway decent. At least it's a lot of fun.

So I wonder: Gorehowl seems to fit in there quite well. Not sure if I need Brawl and Shield Slam - wouldn't I have to change my whole tactics/gameplay and deck setup to accomodate that card?

Any suggestions ( of course deck improvement suggestions are also welcome)?
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Hi there!

I am a rank ten warrior and play a hard control deck. Personally, I swear by shield slam and brawl. I cannot tell you how many games I have won solely off slamming the enemies big and scary minion. In addition, warriors don't have GREAT board clear late.

You are correct, Gorehowl is wonderful. It is a great execution card for 7 mana. So, what cards should you craft?

I would personally suggest the craft of Gorehowl and a Shield slam. Drop both your reapers for it. I know, it seems jonky but you need to drop those cards. Control warriors use a lot of cards like slam, whirlwind, cleave, etc, etc in junction with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to draw into your late game all-stars (a.k.a Grommash, Rag, and Geddon).

So I hope I helped buddy! Best of luck this next ranked season!
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Thank you, that was helpful. I may try that (gorehowl and shield slam). Best of luck to you too!
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Thanks. Brawl was very tempting but I went with Gorehowl and one Shield Slam. Changed my deck to be more of the standard control deck and having a lot of fun with it.
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I personally prefer Fiery War Axe to Arcanite... it can help you keep the board clean early. Do you really need 2 Acidic Ooze?
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No, I got rid of the Oozes and also the Arcanites and put the war axe in. It's actually a great early removal, since it can deal with Mana Wyrm etc.

My deck now looks like this:

1: Execute (2), Shield Slam, Whirlwind (2)
2: Fiery War Axe (2), Cleave (2), Slam (2), Armorsmith (2), Cruel Taskmaster (2)
3: Shield Block (2), Acolyte, Big Game Hunter, Frothing Berserker (2)
4: Mortal Strike
5: Faceless Manipulator, Gadgetzan Auctioneer (2), Spiteful Smith
7: Gorehowl, Geddon
8: Grommash, Ragnaros
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