Reynad Beatdown Deck

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So I've been using the reynad deck (see day9) and I thought if I copied a deck from a top player I would be shooting to legend in no time. Boy was I wrong. I am currently at a lowly 15 and getting my !@#$% handed to me on a plate.

Does anyone have any tips for using the deck work?
So it's an aggressive deck, your supposed to deal damage to your opponent every chance you get (within reason) but I'm losing to everyone:

- I can't beat a single druid ever with this deck
- Hunters are even a problem (as I got a little bit higher I ran into the excruciatingly irritating eaglehorn bow + multiple secrets combo combined with UTH's etc and some spot reduction leading to a "play multiple minions and your dead", slow play and your dead, attack the hunter and your minions die......)
- Even murloc rush decks own me with this "rush" deck, basically I can't beat a single shaman or warlock with this deck.

I have no idea when to play the guy who gains attack when your opponent loses health, too early and he gets spot reduced, too late and he's useless, the card that gains attack with your weapon always seems to come when I don't have a weapon and if I do by the time it comes out with 5-3 or 7-3 it gets targeted anyway by spells so I get no value....and what's with the card that costs 4 mana but has 3-3? Yes you get a weapon but it's basically worthless.
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If you are having trouble playing the deck, a good place to start is here:

That is the first youtube video in his playthrough series. He has the full stream vod's linked in the descriptions of the videos in the youtube playlist as well so you can see like 20 hours of him playing the deck against all types of decks.
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The deck is outdated, it doesn't perform well anymore.
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I still can beat control warriors it just struggles against mages and druids
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I just looked and it doesn't seem to fit the meta. Deck viability fluctuate so you have to adjust based on the players around you. Right now the general meta is against you.
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The deck is still okay up to like rank 10 ish. After that it falls apart, and even then you aren't going to beat Zoo Lock and will probably struggle to beat Hunters. Also if you run into even a few Taunts you completely fall apart.
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