Token Druid.Onyxia?

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any one try her in the deck yet?

and can you guys post your builds?

right now 10-2 with my build.real good deck just when the game go to late i fell
a nice legendary would

Onyxia ,Rag, Cenarius

i don't have any of them but can make one and don't wont to make wrong one
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Onyxia with the spell that Deathrattles 2/2 treant tokens. Hard play to pull off, but it's probably lots of fun when it works.
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I use Onyxia + Cenarius...It's almost insta win if opponent fails to board clear
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04/01/2014 06:20 PMPosted by RykerrK
Onyxia with the spell that Deathrattles 2/2 treant tokens. Hard play to pull off, but it's probably lots of fun when it works.

I pull this off lots of times with Violet Teacher and Innervate. If you plan Onyxia and happened to have an innervate in your hands then this will work. And it happens more often than you think. The only thing that stopped me in my tracks was a priest that had Mass Dispel in one game. But I really have only seen that card played once in roughly 30 games. If I ever get an onyxia I am definitely putting her in.
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I just started trying her in my Violet Teacher deck (largely because the only reasonably playable legendaries I own are Illidan and Onyxia).

She seems okay; it's hard to combo with her at all because she costs so much, and there's no charge action, or other immediate board impact (i.e. your opponent better be far from lethal). Even if you play Onyxia, Innervate, Power of the Wild, your whelps could get floored by most common AoE without Spell Damage bonuses.

The only times she's come up is with Savage Roar for victory next turn. As token enablers go, it's pretty hard to say no to a full board of tokens. The good thing about Onyxia is that players generally have to answer a flood of tokens AND an 8/8, and while they can usually do one most of the time, they sometimes can't do both.

Edit: The deathrattles spell, Soul of the Forest, is kind of trash. I've tried it extensively.

It's too costly, and will usually be a dead card. Firstly, you generally can't cast it if you've spawned a reasonable number of tokens. When you generate 3+ tokens and a 'parent', your opponents can answer a) all of them, or b) most of them, or c) your opponent has no answers, and are basically dead. Soul of the Forest is useless in a), pretty awful with one or two treants, tops in b), and does not change the situation in c). Ergo, Soul of the Forest, while really cool on paper with tokens, sucks.

If it costed 2, it could probably see play, because it could be a pseudo-Power of the Wild #3 and (possibly) #4. Even at cost 3, I doubt it'd see play.

Edit #2: I'd much rather play Cenarius than Onyxia, but I don't own one. Basically, Cenarius has an immediate impact via taunt trees if you don't have board control, but isn't dead when you do (he's basically power of the wild/savage roar #3).
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Cenarius is probably the best bet for a token druid because he can do either of the things you want: put tokens on the board, or buff existing tokens. Onyxia only does one, and her tokens are worse.
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I was wondering about onyxia in my deck too. I kept it in my deck because sometimes the enemy used all aoe earlier, like shaman used both lightning storms. Then onyxia pretty much always win the game. At worst onyxia is a 2 for 1(aoe to kill welps and single target to kill onyxia).
It also works great with the rest of the deck, sometimes against control you lose twice the teacher and tokens. Onyxia is a great third boardfiller then.

I still use 1 soul of the forest because it frustrates some classes a lot. They often arent capable of clearing your side of the board twice in 1 turn. If you can pull of turn 5 auctioneer and turn 6 teacher, innervate perhaps coin / second innervate / moonfire / other random lowcost spells and then soul of the forest, then enemy has way too many problems to solve. I dont like 2 because its too situational. I am running more or less an all-in tokendeck, without minioncards with lower than 4 manacost (sometimes i play a 3/2 tiger on turn 2).
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i have a druid deck with ony in it. it's fun but it's a bit of a pain cause it's all draw and removal you need to have ony both innervates, savage roar and soul of the forest in you're hand whilst stalling and not dying. but when it works it works with style :)
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05/11/2014 05:46 AMPosted by StygianVoid
i have a druid deck with ony in it. it's fun but it's a bit of a pain cause it's all draw and removal you need to have ony both innervates, savage roar and soul of the forest in you're hand whilst stalling and not dying. but when it works it works with style :)

The other day it sure worked against me.

It was almost as bad as the warlock you had double sylvannis out and void terror'd them both and stole my minions.
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I've been working on a deck like this its not terribly consistent but it can really kick some !@# and is a lot of fun to play with.

innervate x2
wild growth x2
wrath x2
bloodmage x1
power of the wild x2
healing touch x1
savage roar x2
soul of the forest x1
keeper of the grove x2
defender of argus x1
swipe x2
violet teacher x2
nourish x1
starfall x1
druid of the claw x2
force of nature x1
cairne x1
illidan x1
ancient of lore x2
onyxia x1
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I'm having so much fun using her today.. :D
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Swarley I like the illidan addition but that needs some form of early game, maybe take out the nourish and starfall for two golems, heres mine

Innervate x2
Claw X1
Mark of the Wild X1
Power of the Wild X2
Wrath X2
Ancient Watcher X2
Sunfury Protector X2
Savage Roar X1
Harvest Golem X2
Swipe X2
Keeper X2
Violet Teacher X2
Azure Drake X2
Druid of the Claw X2
Force of Nature X1
Illidan X1
Ancient of Lore X2
Onyxia X1
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I'm really tempted to try out Onyxia in my deck. She seems like she would be good since if you did a Violet Teacher combo earlier, then the opponent might have used their AoE already, and Onyxia is pretty much always 2 for 1 to remove if it doesn't work out. It seems like it would be hard to use her though since she's so slow, so she's almost like Ysera for token decks, but it seems like it would be fun for when it works out. I guess we should play her on a turn where we clear the board with minion trades or something?
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she's a pretty good late game drop if you don't have other legends in your deck. onyxia was the first legendary I pulled (I've only pulled 1 other since then, and I've been playing for 3 months or so? at least the second one was leeroy), so I put her in my token ramp druid for a bit. now it's a bit more aggro, and onyxia was one of the first cards to go. that deck boosted me several ranks at the end of last season, but the current incarnation is a lot better. it's pretty close to kolento's charge ramp druid

if the whelps don't get AoE'd immediately after they're played (which was part of the reason I took onyxia out. she's basically just an 8/8 at that point. may as well put ironbark in) then the potential damage with savage roar or even power of the wild is crazy. and if you can pull off soul of the forest, even better

either way, onyxia is definitely a solid legend for a token druid. and if nothing else, she's an 8/8 creature. always good to have more of those around

oh, but of those 3 legends, I'd say cenarius if you want to stick with druid only. rag otherwise. onyxia isn't one I'd go out of my way to craft. cairne is probably a better choice than onyxia for druid. black knight, rag, and cairne are great general-purpose legends. so if you're going to craft a legend, go with one of them
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